The interior is comfortable, though lacking the high-grade materials found in the Audi. But the seats are way better than the others. When we finally build a faster-than-light spacecraft, it will no doubt be equipped with AMG seats. The big, adjustable bolsters envelop the driver like the hands of a Swedish masseuse. And miraculously, the engineers at Mercedes-AMG somehow managed to design a steering wheel equal in greatness. Unfortunately, once the seats and wheel were done, the rest of the interior was left to the fleet-car crew. A creaking glove box door and some of the thin, squeaky interior trim doesn't befit a car of this magnitude.

On the outside, the C63 looks classy, almost stealthy. It's upscale, but doesn't flaunt its ballistic performance. It wears the power bulges on the hood more convincingly than the M3 and the front fascia is aggressive without saying "boy-racer." The subtle rear lip spoiler is a nice addition, and the enormous quad exhaust tips actually look right.

The C63 is for anyone who really wants to experience what V8 power is all about, with torque the other two cars only dream about. Even the sound is pure musclecar. For all-around fun, nothing matches those big powerslides and tire-smoking escapades.

Hit*Pavement-pounding torque *incredible sport seats and steering wheel
Miss *Some cheesy interior trim *overall lack of wheel rubber

What would we buy?
*It always comes down to this: If it was our money, which one would we get?

On a curvy road, technically the best car is the BMW. It is the best balanced, lightest, and most high-tech. In the real world, however, it might be our last choice to own. The M3 has strayed from it roots and seems a slightly smaller alternative to the M5. Not that it isn't a great car-because it is; it's just that there are better options for the enthusiast, even in BMW's own showroom.

The Mercedes would be our choice if we had an exceptional lawyer on retainer. It was by far the most entertaining of the three and best represents what a V8 sedan should be. It's loud and fast, yet still comfortable. The seats and steering wheel are some of the best examples in the automotive world, but the rest of the interior is a bit of a letdown. The lack of a manual transmission could be a turnoff for some, but with the amazingly adaptive sport automatic and paddle shifters, we never found ourselves missing a stick. For a solid, daily-driven musclecar, the Benz is an obvious choice.

If gas suddenly became cheap and unlimited and we could actually live with ourselves for driving an Audi V8 every day, the RS4 could be the one. It 's a great mix of speed, handling, comfort, looks, and useability. It may be the oldest car in the group, but is still the all-around best. And its age may actually help it in terms of build quality. The RS4 was engineered before the dollar took its enormous dive. European manufacturers are struggling to build cars that still make economic sense with the current exchange rate. It will be interesting to see if the next RS4 retains the same level of quality. Until then, you could do worse than the current version.

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