But even as I write this I'm dreaming of that crazy Ruf. The 996 could be viewed as the wife, while the Ruf is the dirty, slightly deranged mistress. You know it's risky, downright dangerous, and you'll end up in big trouble, but in the heat of the moment all those doubts are cast from the mind as the touch paper is lit, the turbo works itself into a frenzy, and the world once again becomes a complete blur. Epic stuff.

Thanks to Specialist Cars of Malton.www.specialistcarsltd.co.uk

996 Turbo*Engine3.6-liter flat-six, water-cooled

*Power510 hp (est.)

Transmission*Six-speed manual, all-wheel drive

*ModificationsBilstein PSS9 adjustable suspension, Techart sport exhaust, Revo engine tuning, Techart 19-inch alloy wheels, Gemballa rear spoiler, GT2 nose with radiators, Viper Green respray with color-coded interior, GT2 carbon seats, Techart steering wheel

993 Turbo*Engine3.6-liter flat-six, air-cooled

*Power525 hp (est.)

*TransmissionSix-speed manual, all-wheel drive

*ModificationsBilstein PSS9 adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes, high-output fuel system, Cargraphic ECU, hybrid turbos, Ruf oil cooler, 100-cell cats, Cargraphic exhaust system, Cargraphic 19-inch alloy wheels

Ruf 930 SE BTR-3*Engine3.8-liter flat-six, air-cooled

*Power550 hp (est.)

*TransmissionRuf five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive

*ModificationsEngine rebuild with stainless steel valves, gas-flowed heads, high-output turbo, 19-inch Cargraphic alloy wheels, Morris biplane rear spoiler, Porsche GT2 seats, Alcantara trim

996 GT2 RS*Engine3.6-liter flat-six, water-cooled

*Power620 hp (est.)

*TransmissionSix-speed manual, rear-wheel drive

*ModificationsH&R fully adjustable suspension, hybrid turbos, high-output fuel system, remapped ECU, stainless steel sport exhaust with equal length manifolds and 100-cell cats, Cargraphic 19-inch alloy wheels

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