Then there's barely a cigarette paper between them. Both sound orgasmic, both will rock your world and both will grip the road long beyond the point where you should be picking your broken bones out of a tree. From a pure driving perspective, it comes down to the subjective rear- versus all-wheel-drive debate. But even that doesn't really matter until the electronics are fully switched off, which rarely happens.

At that point, the Ferrari will wag its tail while the Lamborghini will let go to an extent, then the front wheels start to bite and the 30/70 front/rear power split evens out. In such conditions, the Gallardo is safer and inspires a touch more confidence, giving it the nod.

And the LP560-4 is around now, which means Hamann could easily create a 600hp, 200mph version. Even though it's not here yet, we'll have that one, please. Color-coded, of course.

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