Case Study Car #1
BMW 1 Series Concept
Rather than alterating the appearance, these modifications use the coupe's basic styling-but on steroids. The look of the fascia is similar, though deeper, with a full-width adjustable splitter, separate brake cooling scoops in the central opening and a more dynamic appearance to the angled fins (1). The lowered rocker sills make room for a side exhaust exit while a polished fender vent/trim draw the eye to the subtle transitions in this area (2). The rear wing (3) is mounted on a center post and has softly curved endplates that help emphasize the rear roofline. Oversized BBS-style wheels (4) help complete the appearance of a factory hot rod.

BMW 135i Coupe
3.0-liter turbo inline six
300 hp/300 lb-ft
Rear-wheel drive
MSRP: $35,675

Case Study Car #2
Audi A4 Concept
This A4 carries the look of a road-going touring car racer with the addition of a monster air scoop (1) to signal its no-nonsense purpose. The center of the revised fascia is subtly re-shaped to draw air into the grille, while the lower portion carries a large splitter (2). The scoop's appearance mimics the sharp-edged forms on the outer part of the hood and the flanks. Rocker extensions integrate the lower fascia to the rest of the car (3), while adding their own aerodynamic value by keeping air from flowing underneath. A complex, curved wing and gold-colored forged wheels (4) top off the racecar look.

Audi A4 (B8)
3.2-liter V6
265 hp/187 lb-ft
All-wheel drive

Case Study Car #3
Jaguar XF Concept
We took an aggressive yet integrated approach to modifying Jaguar's newest sedan. The front fascia (1) maintains a break line at the corners, but it's angled more steeply and runs deeper, terminating at the outside of the large cooling ducts. The grille (2) has a blacked-out mesh treatment, emphasizing the opening and the Jaguar badge. Deeper, sculpted rocker panels and larger side vents (3) finished in polished aluminum enhance the sides, while a rear fascia and deck spoiler round out the external body mods. Wheels are polished aluminum (4) with color-keyed centers that match the leather-and-Alcantara interior trim.

Jaguar XF
4.2-liter supercharged V8
420 hp/408 lb-ft
Rear-wheel drive
MSRP: $62,975

Case Study Car #4
Mercedes-Benz C350 Concept
A blend of American outrageousness and stylish European functionality, this C350 means business. The lower front fascia incorporates a sharply protruding airdam (1), and a full-width opening for cooling and aerodynamic needs. This is accented by horizontal strakes (surrounding the projector-beam foglights) and a central vertical support. The airdam blends into widebody fender flares, (2) which in turn are integrated into the rocker extensions, the rear flares and the rear fascia. The rear fascia (3) captures the same bold look as the front, with diffuser tunnels and exhaust channels molded into the dark metallic lower portion. The hood incorporates a large scoop (4) to feed the engine while a large wing caps the trunk, providing downforce for this beast. Generous three-piece wheels (5) complete the package.

Mercedes-Benz C350
3.5-liter V6
268 hp/258 lb-ft
Rear-wheel drive
MSRP: $36,900

Case Study Car #5
Volkswagen Jetta Concept
This Jetta embodies what might be described as an autobahn-blaster's attitude. The front bumper (1), rocker panels (2) and rear bumper (3) incorporate extreme, flared lines and integrated wind channels that suggest extensive undercarriage work. The large central-exit exhaust pipe and wrap-around trunk lip spoiler (4) work further to achieve the top-speed theme. The wheels (5), while enlarged significantly over a factory-spec format, retain an OEM look and, along with the subtle graphite paint, help mitigate the fairly aggressive body kit's attitude.

Volkswagen Jetta SEL
*2.5-liter inline five
*170 hp/177 lb-ft
*Front-wheel drive
MSRP: $22,900

Case Study Car #6
Volkswagen GTI Concept
This Golf-bodied vehicle has been revised with a decidedly prominent motorsport theme. The central bumper opening has been widened considerably (1) for improved air uptake. The low, wide splitter aids high-speed stability while its horizontal elements interlace visually with the revised rocker panels (2) which in turn tie into a similarly fashioned rear bumper cover. Up top, an aggressive roof wing (3) finishes the aerodynamic signature. Plus-sized split-spoke wheels (4) complete the exterior, while inside the cockpit, tubular roll-cage elements (5) leave little doubt as to this car's sporting intentions.

Volkswagen GTI
*2.0-liter inline four
*200 hp/207 lb-ft
*Front-wheel drive
MSRP: $22,800

By Marc Beauregard
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