When the drivers were set free to race, we saw F1 at its chaotic and unpredictable best--Hamilton winning under immense pressure, but with an element of controversy. Alonso crashing out dramatically, Kimi battling fearlessly for every point he could grab, Massa and Kubica fighting it out in the closing laps just like Villeneuve and Jabouille back at Dijon in '79, and the heartbreak of Mark Webber losing out on a potential first win thanks to the `kid' Vettel.

Not every race can be as exciting as that. In recent years we,'ve had too many monotonous races. But when F1 has a good race, or a great one, there is still no other sport on earth that can touch it.

ec: How do you answer that age-old question: "How do I get to be a race snapper?"

KS: Practice, practice, practice. Use national races to build up a portfolio. Don,'t be afraid to send your portfolio to many different people, but be prepared for rejection. Also, don,'t expect to leap straight into F1. Like most other professions, it,'s nearly always a case of starting at the bottom and working your way up. And the bottom rung may not even be working as a photographer. Be prepared to bide your time and learn the industry before progressing.

ec: Do you still attend most rounds of the F1 circus, or is it more rewarding handling business affairs?

KS: I still like to attend as many races as possible, as my passion for the sport is undiminished. I don't shoot as much as I used to. The running of the company means that role is better left to my staff. My work in the paddock is securing the contacts and the business that keeps the company running. Most of our business is still done in the paddock.

That said, I still get the same buzz on race day. I miss morning warm-up--the light was invariably perfect--but the rest of the day remains the same. The paddock atmosphere building in intensity as the race start approaches, the grid with the palpable tension among the teams and drivers, the ferocious energy of the start and the thrill of capturing any incidents that may come your way during the race, the finish and the podium celebrations,--they're all just as thrilling and inspiring as I approach my 400th GP.

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