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The ability to run on biodiesel offers added value both to the environment and to performance. The cetane (diesel version of octane) levels in the United States are atrocious. Stock oil-burners in Europe are designed and tested on European diesel, which sits at a strong 60 cetane. In the States, the cetane level sits at 40. When Premium is available, it's at 50, or 55 with additives.

Biodiesel is the best alternative in North America, running closer to 60 cetane. In the time Duran changed from regular diesel to biodiesel, she found tools to maintaining that preference. To find local stations offering biodiesel, visit biodiesel.org. Country singer Willie Nelson is an advocate, running it in his tour buses for years along with delivering his own line of biodiesel under the Bio-Willie brand (biowillieusa.com).

There are home brewers across the country making it in their garages and backyards, refining and filtering cooking oil. The interesting part is when an individual makes a batch of biodiesel from a particular restaurant, the exhaust smells like the place it came from. This method gives restaurant owners the option of turning used oil into a renewable fuel and offers a positive return for the environment.

Fuels found at the dealer level are produced from corn and soy oils. There are a few biofuel variations and are based on a blend with regular diesel. For example, B5 is five percent biodiesel and 95 percent regular diesel fuel, all the way up to B100, which is 100 percent biodiesel.

A few of the advantages: renewable; energy efficient; displaces petroleum-derived diesel fuel; can be used in most diesel equipment with no or minor modifications; can reduce global-warming gas emissions; can reduce tailpipe emissions, including air toxins; non-toxic, biodegradable and suitable for sensitive environments; made in the United States from either agricultural or recycled resources; can be easy to use.

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By Richard Truesdell
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