1998 BMW E36 M3 Supercharged
Back in the day, 350 wheel-hp was a big deal for an E36 M3. Dave Vilanova's M3 power output was in that neighborhood when it went to iCS. When the shop was done, it was laying down 516 wheel-hp. Even more incredible, the car retained its factory OBDii computer.

The heart of the system is a Vortech V2 t-trim centrifugal supercharger, pumping out 17 psi near redline. Pressurized, heated air goes through an RMS aftercooler with heat exchanger, then cooled further by an AA water and methanol injection system before reaching the Dinan big-bore throttle body. From there, air pushes through an M50 manifold to a Schrick 264-degree intake cam. Once combusted, the Schrick 256-degree exhaust cam lets the gases flow into a Supersprint engine-back system. A larger-capacity Fluidyne radiator lurks beneath a pair of custom louvers in the factory hood.

Drivetrain-wise, this car gets the best of both worlds. the Rogue-finned 3.38 limited-slip differential helps the engine whip to redline and peak boost much quicker, and the Eurospec Getrag six-speed transmission not only keeps its highway cruising revs at lowerthan-stock levels, but increases top speed to around 190 mph. This is where the Stoptech 13-inch big brake kit comes in handy.

The M3's wing and adjustable front splitter-BMW Motorsport's own factory aerodynamic package originally offered on the CSL only-loads the Ground Control coilover kit and keeps the car stable at high cornering speeds. there's an hMS roll bar behind the Recaro SRD seats, in case of a mishap.

This is the setup for those who desire a steadily climbing torque curve. Over 300 lb-ft of torque starts at 3700 rpm and increases to 385 lb-ft by its 7000 rpm redline. While a centrifugally supercharged car probably isn't ideal for a straight-line shooter when compared to a properly sorted turbo system, it's the linear power delivery that Vilanova was after. Still, an 11.9-second quarter-mile run at 116 mph on hoosier drag radials (although Vilanova's seen 120-plus mph traps on street tires) commands respect.

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