1995 BMW E36 M3 turbo
This turbocharged M3 is vicious. the engine is a fully built S50 3.0-liter with CP 8.5:1 compression pistons and Pauter connecting rods. the head was ported and polished, then modified with ICS valve springs, retainers and custom-ground cams; all for the cyclone rush of air the massive Garrett Gt40-94R dual ball bearing turbo forces through.

To match the 24 psi pressure controlled by the Super itS 50-mm wastegate and Eboost2 boost controller, an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator dictates flow to the 750cc injectors. The resulting clash of air, gas, Electromotive tEC3R-controlled coils and injector pulses can mean only one thing: power. Step on the throttle and, by 4450 rpm, the tires experience a frightening 631 lb-ft of torque that spins the wheels in any of the first three gears. Stay on it a little longer and-unlike most turbo cars that lose significant torque at high revs-the Gt40's large twin-scroll 0.95 AR turbine housing breathes enough to register a massive 663 wheel-hp at 6500 rpm on the dyno, with just 93-octane gas. The spray of methanol in the intake tract is used for reliability insurance.

In a car that weighs only 3,100 pounds, this kind of performance is phenomenal. Luckily, a set of four-pot Stoptech 13-inch brakes stop the front tires, although a 14-inch, six-piston kit would be more suitable.

Handling all that torque is a custom iCS clutch kit transferring power to a taller 2.93 limited-slip differential, maintaining a bigger load on the turbo. Shifting through the factory ZF five-speed, this monster will reach its new 180 mph top speed in a rev limiterbouncing hurry that's screaming for an extra gear. Keeping the frequently worn-out toyos planted is a streetable set of Bilstein PSS9 adjustable coilovers. An OEM BMW lightweight wing-like the one on the silver car but without risers-keeps the car from taking flight.

Vorsteiner ICS Performance
Mitsiwa Auto Custom
Audio/Video installer
NU Castleton Collision
Paint And Bodywork
Eam Eurowerkz
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