Tuner Spotlight
Racing Sport Concepts (RSC) might not be well known, but the people behind the company have been on the Porsche scene for quite some time. Their latest development is an incredible 680-hp M700 package for the latest 911 Turbo.
*Supported platforms: Porsche 997
*Products: Exhaust systems, Borg Warner VGT turbo upgrades
Racing Sport Concepts

Considering Active's extensive experience in making forced induction products for BMW engines, developing items for the N54 twin-turbo was a no-brainer. This background knowledge has allowed the company to demonstrate the engine's true potential.
*Supported platforms: All BMWs equipped with 3.0-liter twin-turbo N54
*Products: Tuning modules, blow-off valves, intercooler upgrades, exhaust systems
Active Autowerke

When the turbocharged MINI was introduced, Alta developed a line of products to optimize power output. There is always a point at which the stock turbo runs out of steam; to combat this, the company has developed a Garrett GT2560R ball-bearing turbo upgrade.
*Supported platforms: MINI Cooper S (R56)
*Products: Plug-and-play ECU, intercooler upgrades, intakes, silicone hoses, turbo inlets, exhaust systems, downpipes, GT25 turbo upgrade
Alta MINI Performance

APR offers tuning options from simple software upgrades to complete turbo upgrades. Depending on application, APR's turbocharger systems for 1.8T, 2.7T and 2.0T FSI engines produce power outputs ranging from 235 to 550 hp.
*Supported platforms: Audi, Porsche, VW
*Products: ECU recalibrations, intercooler upgrades, silicone hoses, intake manifolds, K04 kits, fuel pumps, diverter valves, exhaust systems, stage three turbo upgrades

AWE Tuning has grown from a sole owner operating out of a single-bay garage to a state-of-the-art, 10,000-square-foot manufacturing and installation facility. It designs, develops and makes its own products, tailored to demands from a diverse clientele.
*Supported platforms: Audi, Porsche, VW
*Products: Intercooler upgrades, exhaust systems, downpipes, K04 turbo upgrades, 1.8T GT28R turbo upgrades, Porsche K24 turbo upgrades
AWE Tuning

ABD Racing has offered performance upgrades for VW and Audi vehicles for over 15 years. Its products for the 1.8T and 2.0T engines are designed to enhance the engines' performance characteristics while maintaining factory reliability.
*Supported platforms: Audi, VW
*Products: Intercooler upgrades, intakes, turbo inlets, silicone hoses, intake manifolds, K04-E05 turbo upgrades
ABD Racing

Evolution Motorsports has a GT800 upgrade kit for the Porsche 996, offering 732 wheel-hp and 715 lb-ft of wheel torque without sacrificing reliability or longevity.
*Supported platforms: Audi, Porsche, VW
*Products: Intercooler upgrades, intakes, silicone hoses, billet diverter valves, Porsche Garrett turbo upgrades
Evolution Motorsports

Starting out as a race shop is always auspicious for a tuner. Cargraphic began life building GT racecars and became a world-class tuning house, providing a full line of tuning products, including complete turbo kits and individual components. Cargraphic can supply everything from street performance products to full race builds.
*Supported platforms: Most European vehicles
*Products: Intercooler upgrades, exhaust systems and complete tuning packages
Cargraphic/RSS Tuning

When developing performance products for Volvo, Evolve does everything it can to maximize a vehicle's potential without sacrificing the brand's hallmark safety or reliability.
*Supported platforms: Late-model Volvo, 1999-present
*Products: Software upgrades, intercooler upgrades, downpipes, silicone hoses, induction systems

Evosport can to tailor a turbo system that meets a BMW driver's exact requirements.
*Supported platforms: BMW

When looking for European car parts, Asia is not the most obvious source, but some of the highest quality parts come from Japan. And with the growing popularity of European makes in Asian markets, companies like GReddy have begun supporting these applications.
*Supported platforms: Audi, VW
*Products: Intercooler upgrades, exhaust systems, TD04H turbo upgrades for transverse 1.8T, blow-off valves

Volkswagen owners wanting huge power gains have been going to HPA for many years. VR6 twin turbo kits that produce in excess of 600 hp make for a rather exciting Golf. Starting with the Beetle, HPA has built some of the fastest VWs ever. Its work continues with the Mk V R32 and Audi TT.
*Supported platforms: VW, Audi
*Products: Complete turbo kits and accessories
HPA Motorsports

A German tuning house isn't normally associated with Swedish cars, but Heico Sportiv is an exception. For the past 12 years, the company has used knowledge gained on the racetrack to develop high-quality, race-proven components for Volvos.
*Supported platforms: Late-model Volvo, 1998-present
*Products: Software upgrades, exhaust systems, air filters, intercoolers
Heico Sportiv

Selling everything from complete power kits to flanges and turbo-specific hardware, Horsepower Freaks is a great place for customers of all levels.
*Supported platforms: Most turbocharged vehicles
*Products: Complete kits to custom components
Horsepower Freaks

For those unimpressed with the Lamborghini Gallardo's stock performance, Heffner Performance is the answer. Performing a complete engine rebuild with stronger internals, lower-compression pistons and cylinder liners, this is more than just a simple bolt-on kit. Heffner claims 800 hp from its upgrade, which would move the baby Lambo from exotic to true supercar.
*Supported platforms: Lamborghini Gallardo
*Products: Twin Turbo 800 Package
Heffner Performance

Neuspeed has an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing components of the highest quality that go beyond manufacturers' specifications. The company also incorporates more than 33 years of hands-on experience in every product it sells.
*Supported platforms: Audi, Bentley, VW
*Products: Software upgrades, intakes, intercooler upgrades, K04 turbo upgrades, downpipes, exhaust systems, turbo inlet pipes, pulley kits

RUF Automobile GmbH has been tinkering with turbocharged Porsche engines since 1977. Available upgrades range from simple air filters and engine management recalibration to full-blown, 650-hp kits. Plus, of course, RUF offers complete high-performance machines.
*Supported platforms: Porsche
*Products: Engine management, air filters, exhaust systems, VTG turbo upgrades
RUF North America

VF Engineering has been designing forced induction systems for naturally aspirated engines since 1996. Once the company decided to cross over to factory turbocharged engines, it jumped right into the fray and developed two big turbo kits.
*Supported platforms: Audi/VW 2.0T
*Products: Software upgrades, intercooler upgrades, fuel system upgrades, intakes, Garrett GT28 turbo upgrades
VF Engineering

For 20 years, TechArt has been providing Porsche owners with world-class performance upgrades for Stuttgart's finest. Complete upgrade packages and exhausts are available for both six- and eight-cylinder Porsches, offering anything from mild improvement to wild transformation.
*Supported platforms: Porsche
*Products: Complete turbo engine enhancement packages

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