Even so, no A5, S5, RS4 or even R8 will ever achieve what the Ur-Quattro pulled off. They all makethe world a better place for anyone who loves quality engineering andhas even a small quantity of petrol coursing through their arteries, but they don't bring anything really new to the table. Which solidifies the unassailable position of the original, trailblazing Audi Quattro as the most influential and important sports car the world has ever seen.

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Ur-Quattro
1. Each one was hand-built in Hall N2 at Audi's Ingolstadt factory by a team that never numbered more than 48.

2. It's rarer than you might think: just 11,452 were built between 1980 and 1991. The original plan had been to build just 400 for homologation purposes.

3. The rear suspension is the same as the front, just installed the other way around.

4. With the addition of so many electrical items during the production run, the wiring diagram grew from eight to 21 pages.

5. Michele Mouton drove one at Pikes Peak in 1985, setting a ladies' record that still stands today.

6. The first cars were slower from 20 to 60 mph than a 895cc VW Polo when floored in top gear, yet from 60 to 100 mph they were quicker than a 911. That's turbo lag for you...

7. The synthesized voice that came with the digital dashboard in 1983 was known as Patricia.

8. The only notable styling revision came in September 1984 when a sloping radiator grille was fitted.

9. Audi has gone on to use the Ur-Quattro's drivetrain in more than 2,000,000 cars.

10. The last one built rolled out of the factory on May 17, 1991, straight into the Audi museum.

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