1983 Audi Quattro Turbo

Longitudinal front engine, all-wheel drive

2.1-liter inline five, sohc, 20-valve

Five-speed manual with locking centre and rear differentials

Independent suspension with coil springs front and rear, MacPherson struts and lower wishbones

11-inch rotors (f), 10.6-inch rotors (r), optional ABS

Length/ Width/ Height (in.): 173.3 x 67.9 x 52.0
Wheelbase: 99.5 in.
Curb Weight: 2,866 lb

Peak Power: 200 hp @ 5500 rpm
Peak Torque: 200 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm 0-60 mph: 7 sec.
Top Speed: 139 mph

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