Just as American gearheads respond to an impeccably kept domestic musclecar, this BMW draws the attention of true European sports car enthusiasts, by virtue of the E24's classic styling. The M6 badge accentuates the fact that it's been a solid performer since birth. The people who notice listen for the more aggressive exhaust note. Shift into second gear at 35 mph then let her rip, and that speedo will zing past 60 in a tire-smoking instant. Throw it into third gear, mash the throttle, your back is pressed hard against the seat and you're gone.

Owners of modern 6 Series don't seem to be quite the cruising type, more the power-executive bunch. You won't find them parading down Pacific Coast Highway, taking in the view. By contrast, I'd find every opportunity to enjoy some weekend driving in this car.

Every time a new BMW M6 pulled alongside, I would salute the owner to acknowledge the next generation in style, technology and performance. And when the lights went green, I'd smoke him.

1988 BMW M6

Longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive

3.5-liter inline six, Dinan turbo system, Cometic head gasket, ARP cylinder head studs, three-inch turboback exhaust, ICS clutch kit, Walbro fuel pump, 440cc injectors, ITS HIFI 60-1 turbo with stage five turbine wheel, Electromotive TEC3R tuned by ICS

Five-speed manual

VDO water temp, boost and volt gauges

-Wheels And Tires
BBS modular alloys, 8x16 (f/r) Yokohama AVS Sport, 245/45 (f/r)

Peak Power: 406 hp @ 5600 rpm
Peak Torque: 415 lb-ft @ 4450 rpm
*measured at the wheels

ICS Performance
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