There's no mistaking this car from a stock 335i, especially mid-range, when the boost builds quickly. We left a stock 335i Convertible in the dust as we raced through our test loop. Granted, the car was a bit heavier, but still... the delta between the two was significant. Hell, imagine a convertible 335i with the same treatment. That would make for a very fast tanning machine.

Perhaps our only concern here is heat, specifically heat created by the two turbochargers. The stock 335i saw oil temps spike beyond 340 degrees and caused the car to go into 'limp home' mode. Why didn't the modified car? Did the larger intercooler make that much difference? You might want to read our intercooler buyers guide (starting on page 86) before squeezing your 335i.Or not.

2007 BMW 335i

Longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive
3.0-liter in-line six, dohc, 24-valve, turbocharged and intercooled, Active Autowerkes software, Race Precision intercooler, Britalman exhaust
Six-speed manual
Bilstein PSS9 coilovers
Brembo GT assemblies
Wheels and Tires
DPE S20, 8.5x20 (f), 10x20 (r)
Toyo T1R, 245/30 (f), 285/25 (r)
Peak Power*: 320 hp @ 6000 rpm
Peak Torque*: 347 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm
Quarter-mile: 12.8 sec. @ 108 mph
*measured at the wheels

Supreme Power Vorsteiner Automobile Technik
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