Traqmate in hand, we figured we'd try a few acceleration runs before the temperature hit its high of 114. Though our test track's main straight includes a slight incline, this turbo Gallardo pulled a quick 11.2 seconds in the quarter-mile. But what's impressive was its 129-mph trap speed. It was obvious this car has some serious balls, especially at the top end.As the thermometer continued northward, we decided against repeating speed runs.

Although this car is brutally fast in a straight line, it's more at home on a road course. It's also more fun. The Gallardo seems to 'do' speed better than most cars. The faster you go the better it gets. The near-linear power curve makes this Lamborghini a highly capable track car with great manners. Power comes on hard but with measured progression-no mid-corner boost bombs. It doesn't have quite the dexterity of a Porsche 911 turbo, but it's close.

SG augmented the suspension with Moton coilovers with remote reservoirs, adjustable units capable of full race settings or softer street use. Kim also had the interior treated with a fabulous carbon fiber steering wheel and a high-end stereo system (yeah, like we listened to it).

The original plan included converting the Gallardo's all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, something the factory itself is rumored to be doing. Although it sounds good in theory, the Gallardo was designed to be motivated through all four wheels, it was balanced that way. Initial testing with rear-wheel drive resulted in a huge smoke show-fun to watch, but hardly optimal. Besides, this car has enough power to light up all four corners.

According to the temperature gauge, heat increased to 114 and the tarmac a blazing 145. It was the kind of heat that withers all manner of things, both organic and mechanical. Therefore we were surprised when this force-fed Gallardo continued to run lap after burning lap. Credit must be given to both Heffner and SG-they built one hell of a car.

We stayed until late in the day, so late that everyone else left. Aspesi called an hour later and told us that Kim said: "Keep the Lambo for a few days, live in it, get to know it."

An open stretch of desert road told us everything we needed to know. We managed an indicated 205 mph and I'm certain there was some left even then.

We pulled over in the dark desert night and marveled at the car for a spell, enjoying the little 'ticks' it made as it cooled down. Upon closer inspection, we noticed a large chunk of Continental tread was missing. I have to give props to the ContiSportContact 3-that's one tough tire.

I've never gone that fast in a car before, but, to tell the truth, there wasn't that much drama (even with three-and-a-bit tires). The Gallardo simply hunkered down and did what was asked. Then again, that's what it was designed to do.

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo

Longitudinal mid engine, all-wheel drive

5.0-liter V10, dohc, 40-valve, turbocharged and intercooled

Six-speed manual

Moton adjustable coilovers, remote reservoir

*Wheels and Tires
iForged Triumph 9x19 (f), 11x19 (r)Continental ContiSportContact 3 235/35 (f)305/25 (r)

Peak Power: 800 hp (est)0-60 mph: 3.2 sec.Top speed: 205 mph(as read on the speedometer)

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