Alfa Romeo was founded as Societ Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID) in 1906 by Cavaliere Ugo Stella, in partnership with the French automobile firm of Alexandre Darracq.

After the deal with Darracq fell through, the company was renamed ALFA, which means Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.

The first non-Darracq car produced by ALFA was the 1910 24HP, designed by Giuseppe Merosi.

The Romeo name was added after Nicola Romeo bought ALFA in 1915. He converted the factory to produce war munitions in the First World War. He left in 1928.

At the 1933 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, while leading, Giuseppe Campari (middle) was killed in a crash. Immediately behind him in second place, team-mate Baconin Borzacchini (left) tried unsuccessfully to avoid Campari's wrecked vehicle and was killed when his car veered off the track.

Enzo Ferrari was instrumental in recruiting Jano away from Fiat to design for Alfa Romeo.

In 1924, Merosi left Alfa Romeo and was replaced with a new chief engineer, Vittorio Jano.

Seven-time F1 World Champion, Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari in 1996. He holds practically every driving record in F1.

The Ferrari team had last won the Drivers Championship with Jody Scheckter in 1979.

Jean Todt was responsible for hiring Schumacher. Todt is CEO of Scuderia Ferrari.

The Pixar Animation Studios' film, Cars, featured a Ferrari F430, for which Michael Schumacher provided the voice.

The F40 was the last car to be commissioned by Enzo before his death in 1988. The body was designed by Pininfarina.

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