With the powertrain under control, suspension was next. Rear arms were switched out with E3 units, while spring and damper rates on the Bilstein coilovers were tuned for track day use. The original steering gear was replaced with a power steering rack sourced from a 993. When it came to wheels, BMW gear was chosen over aftermarket. BMW-style 41 wheels sized 17x7.5 in front and 17x8.5 out back, covered in Michelin Pilot Sport Rubber.

Time to tackle the interior trim and body. Paul wanted the look of the 2002 Turbo, so no wild or out-of-place panels were used. In an effort to save weight, Joe Cain laid up a hood and trunk lid out of carbon fiber. No glass was used in the panels, only foam sandwich structures used for stiffening. The entire car was resprayed in BMW Fjord Blue (037) and then finished with Turbo Graphics.

Inside, Recaro seats and ancillary gauges are the only modern components visible. The custom center console and rear floor are both trimmed in factory correct carpet with correct binding. A roll cage is used as much to stiffen the body as it is for protection. It is tied into the shock towers and the rear subframe mounts, as well as the A- and B-pillars.

This project took the better part of five years. Cain is the first to admit he never could have finished it without the help of a few key people. His brother, Joe Cain, did much of the carbon fiber work as well as being the voice of reason.

Much of the interior design and fabrication work was handled by Tom Rakestraw, a friend of Cain's and now a CSL owner. He began as an extra set of hands, but being around a project like this easily pulls people from passive observer to active participant.

Cain is proud to say he did most of the sheetmetal work himself. Though he enlisted his friend, Butch Severloh, for the more complex pieces. Severloh owns a precision sheetmetal shop. Cain jokingly says he's been "interning" with Severloh for their 12 years of friendship.

Cain says the biggest supporter of the project was his wife Joyce Cain, even when she didn't always understand what or why things were going on. Like most projects, the 3002tt was finished under an SID: Spouse-Imposed Deadline.

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