Mantovani came to work with Giugiaro because Giugiaro had created cars which were engineered by UTIVV: Iso Rivolta Fidia, Isuzu 117 coupe, and Fiat Dino coupe.

Lamborghini started building cars after a conflict with Enzo Ferrari over a faulty 250 GT clutch. He realized that the Ferrari clutch was made by the same company that made clutches for his tractors.

In 1963, Mantovani left Fiat and, with manufacturing engineer Luciano Bosio, set up his own engineering business, UTIVV (Ufficio Tecnico Industriale Vetture Veicoli).

Gianni Lancia was forced to sell his company to business man Carlo Pesenti and the new chief engineer, Antonio Fessia, canceled the F1 program three days after Ascari's funeral.

Fangio narrowly escaped the 1955 disaster at Le Mans.

Bertone is currently headed by Lilli Bertone, widow of Nuccio.

Officially, Mantovani and Giugiaro became full partners while working on the Alfa-Romeo Alfasud project.

Mantovani and Bosio joined Gino Boaretti at STIV (Studio Tecnico Industrializzazione Veicoli), which handled the construction of vehicle bodies for limited series production.

Carrozzeria Bertone was founded in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone, who first built and repaired horse-drawn carriages. World War I forced the closure of his shop.

Giugiaro found it difficult to grow at Italy's largest auto manufacturer, so in1959 he joined Bertone.

Giacomo Gaspardo Moro offered Giugiaro a managerial position if he were to leave Bertone for Ghia.

In 1965, Giugiaro left Bertone and became director of the Centre of Style and Design at Ghia.

In 1968, Mantovani, Bosio and Giugiaro founded Italdesign.

In 1900, Vincenzo Lancia, was the chief inspector at Fiat and was also a test driver.

Gianni was married to Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto, but he had affairs with Pamela Harriman and film star Anita Ekberg.

Fiat's chief designer in 1936, Oreste Lardone, produced a model of the 500A with an aircooled engine that caught fire on its first test run with Giovanni Agnelli aboard. Lardone was dismissed, and Giacosa took Lardone's place to design the Fiat 500A (with a watercooled engine).

Giorgetto's grandfather, Luigi Giugiaro, painted church frescoes.

Giorgetto's father, Mario, made religious paintings while he was growing up in Cuneo.

Fiat bought Lancia in 1969.

Founded in 1937, Saab stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget.

The Lancia Delta earned the European Car of the Year Award in 1980.

Today, Fiat Auto owns well known marques like Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Maserati and Ferrari.

The original badge for Fiat, an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Car Factory of Turin).

At Fiat, Giugiaro worked in its Special Vehicle Design Study Department led by Fabio Luigi Rapi.

Dubbed the "otto vu" by Italians, car designer Howard "Dutch" Darrin was so taken by the Fiat V8 that he brought two back to America.

In 1971, Dan Gurney and Brock Yates drove a Ferrari 365 Daytona to win the first Cannonball Run.

Giugiaro designed an "Alfetta" GT/GTV in 1974.

Much of Pinin Farina's work for Ferrari was managed by his son, Sergio.

When Segre died, his family sold the majority of their shares to Rafael Trujillo.

Giacinto Ghia died on February 21, 1944, and his widow gave what was left of the company to two of Giacinto's best friends, Giorgio Alberti and Mario Felice Boano.

Colombo was an apprentice to Vittorio Jano at Alfa Romeo. In 1937, Colombo designed the 158 engine for the "Alfetta."

Scuderia Ferrari was developed as the racing team for Alfa Romeo, and it managed the factory Alfa cars. It built up a team of over forty drivers, including Giuseppe Campari and Tazio Nuvolari.

Trujillo had little interest in Ghia and left the business, leaving Giacomo Moro in charge of the company.

Petterson tried to get Karmann to build the P1800s, but VW threatened to pull its contracts if they went through with the deal.

Alejandro De Tomaso fled Argentina after being implicated in a plot to overthrow the Argentinian president, Juan Pern.

Prince Aly Khan buys one of Frua's Maserati's, a design that is a forerunner of the Quattroporte.

Maserati was started in 1914 by the Maserati brothers: Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, Ernesto and Mario.

In 1974, the Hyundai Pony became the first car made entirely in Korea.

Based on success in America with the Excel, Hyundai began to use its own technology in 1988, with the midsize Sonata.

May 2006, Daewoo's founder, Kim Woo-jung, was sentenced for fraud and embezzlement.

Daewoo, started as National Motor in 1937, changed their name several times until the Daewoo Group gained control in 1982.

Erwin Komenda, Porsche's chief designer, developed the body of the production Beetle.

Former VW and Audi CEO Ferdinand Pich is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche.

Pich's brother Anton married Heinz Nordhoff's daughter Elizabeth.

After WWII, the British Army handed over the VW factory to Heinz Nordhoff, who created the VW brand into an icon.

In charge of the P1800 at Volvo was Helmer Petterson, Pelle's father, who had in the 1940s designed the Volvo PV 444.

In 1968, Maserati was bought by Citron and in 1997, by Fiat (who sold it to Ferrari).

VW purchased Audi in 1964, which paved the way for the Passat and Golf.

Eager to replace the aging Beetle and to boost sales, VW used Audi's technology in watercooled engines. and front-wheel drive to produce modern cars..

To replace the Karmann Ghia, Giugiaro penned the sleek and sporty Scirocco in 1974, based on the Golf platform.

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