Stories like Brian Hill's are the kind we like to hear, and in turn pass on to others as inspiration. The Southern California resident is the quintessential self-made man, the guy who worked up from humble beginnings to become CEO of his own company. Guys like Brian Hill are the type who make us feel like underachieving slobs, but who simultaneously make us feel that there is, indeed, hope.

That he's got a collection of late-model Porsches to make the most ardent Porschephile seethe with envy only increases our admiration. And these three cars represent only the beginning of an extensive collection, you can be sure. Hill has always been a Porsche enthusiast; for as long as he can remember, he dreamed of owning one. He consumed every piece of Porsche literature he could as a young man and knew everything about every model. Each time a new car was released, he would be at the local dealer, ogling the cars and begging for a brochure.

Hill's begging days are over. His story is all the more compelling, knowing that he alone is responsible for his success; there was no silver spoon involved here. As a young man, he started working in his parents' business selling dancewear, of all things.

"At first, I was teased for working there," Hill recalls, "but by high school, all my friends realized my job was waiting hand and foot on beautiful ballerinas. They stopped teasing and began asking for jobs."

After high school, Hill skipped college to open a dance supply store of his own. In the early 1990s, he opened a mail-order division, and business exploded. According to the man himself, it now generates in one day what the old business did in a year. And now that he has the means at last, he finally intends to assemble his collection of dream Porsches.

These three cars represent the beginning of that collection. To better personalize each and, of course, push performance beyond the conservative factory parameters, each logged time with Global Motorsports Group (GMG) in Santa Ana, California. Hill first met GMG partner-in-crime and privateer racer James Sofronas at the Crystal Cove car show in Newport Beach, Calif. Sofronas had his white GT2, and Hill had a black example of the very same car. Not surprisingly, the two hit it off immediately. Soon after, Sofronas introduced Hill to GMG chief Fabryce Kutyba.

Since that day, Hill has entrusted his cars exclusively to the GMG to push their performance to a personalized degree. The black GT2 was the first in line for its makeover. The suspension has been revised using specially valved Bilstein dampers, along with GMG suspension kits for the rear upper links, thrust arm bushings, and toe adjustment. The wheels were replaced with HRE 8.5x19- and 12x19-inch alloys with Porsche Seal Gray-painted centers. Always popular Michelin Pilot Sport 2s comprise the rubber bit.

Considering the wheel and tire package, the ride is actually fairly compliant, thanks to the re-valved Bilsteins, and handling has been honed further thanks to the revised suspension bits and PS2s working in conjunction.

GMG also tossed a few hard bits under the decklid to enhance the operation of the new GMG/GIAC engine management software. The engine now inhales through a GMG sport intake plenum, incorporates GMG sport diverter valves to shed excess boost, and exhales through a Tubi sport exhaust with 200-cell catalysts. A Bosch motorsport fuel pressure regulator was also installed to ensure adequate fuel flow to suit the ECU's more aggressive directives. The GIAC code includes parameters for both 91 and 100 octane. Unofficial estimates have been placed at 600 bhp, and even that might be deemed a bit conservative.

The interior includes genuine GT3 sport seats with silver-painted backs and a Tequipment harness bar. The exterior was altered oh-so-slightly with a GT2 sport nose grille in carbon-fiber, sport mirrors (also in done in carbon-fiber), and a carbon-fiber rear wing element.

The GT2 is great for track days or an impromptu canyon-carving session, but aside from being a successful businessman, Brian Hill is also a family man, married with two kids. For everyday living, he needed something with a little bit more room on the inside, and something a little more, shall we say, comfortable than your average track-ready GT2. The black Cayenne Turbo filled this need stunningly well. Seating for four, and no need to skimp on the performance.

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