Forced induction options look pretty bleak when starting with a normally aspirated production engine with a compression ratio of 11.8:1. Factory compression ratios don't get any higher, so to find one that is also force-fed is truly something special. Because this engine is found in the back of a Porsche that part should not come as a surprise. What is a surprise is that a supercharger provides the boost and not the obligatory turbocharger.

Based on their supercharger kit for the Porsche 996, Evolution Motorsports has an equally powerful supercharger system for the 2005 Porsche 997 and 997 S. The owner of the black 2005 Porsche Carrera S handed over the keys to the company, and in just three months time he now has the very first supercharged Porsche 997 in the country. Giving up your ride for three months and gaining a reliable 40% bump in power in return sounds like a fair trade to us.

The Vortech V2 SQ supercharger provides a linear power delivery, from idle to redline, which does not overstress any of the factory components in the way a turbocharger's instantaneous power surge would. The SQ trim of the V2 supercharger keeps the blower whine to an absolute minimum. Mike Myers of Evolution Motorsports told us that with the decklid closed and the windows up you would be hard pressed to know that a supercharger is there at all. Even at full throttle the blower is barely audible.

GIAC was called in to program up Motronic Control Units specially mapped for the 3.6-liter powerplant in the Carrera and the 3.8-liter in the Carrera S. Evolution Motorsports and GIAC have teamed up in the past on successful high horsepower projects so there is no doubt these systems will impart superb reliability, as well as drivability.

The supercharger system found in the back of the gray Carrera is largely identical to the system in the Carrera S, with only minor changes in a few hard parts, such as brackets and one-way valves. Slightly less low-end power is about the only difference between the two powerbands. But up top, peak power in the Carrera closes the gap to just 10 whp less than that of the Carrera S.

Evolution Motorsports has coaxed a reliable 470 bhp and 360 lb-ft of torque out of the Carrera's 3.6-liter flat six with just 0.35 bar of boost. Carrera S owners should expect an additional 10 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque increase. Either way, Carrera owners will put down more power than the Turbo.

Combining years of experience with careful selection of hard parts and proper software has resulted in one of the most complete and reliable supercharger systems on the market. For Porsche 997 owners looking for an OEM-quality upgrade to compete with the factory turbo cars, be sure to give Evolution Motorsports a call.

Evolution Motorsports 997 Supercharger System
* Vortech V2 SQ Centrifugal Supercharger
* CNC-machined billet aluminum supercharger mount
* Cast aluminum liquid-to-air intercooler
* Billet aluminum EVO "Supercharged" serial number plate
* OEM Porsche center radiator kit with air duct and spoiler molding
* Bosch high-flow quiet water pump
* Roto-molded fresh air intake system with K&N filter
* Laser cut MAF mount with 3.5-inch housing
* Roto-molded charge air plumbing
* Roto-molded water reservoir and fill tank
* Bosch diverter valve
* 6 high-flow Bosch fuel injectors
* Custom oil feed and oil drain lines
* CNC-machined oil feed and drain fittings
* Proprietary GIAC-tuned Motronic Control Unit
* Goodyear water lines
* Longer serpentine belt utilizing the OEM belt tensioner
* Crankcase ventilation system
* Water pump wiring harness with safety LED warning
indicator light
* OEM quality clamps, hoses and hardware
* One-year limited warranty on parts

2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S

Longitudinal rear engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine3.8-liter flat six, dohc, four valves per cylinderEvolution Motorsports supercharger system, Fabspeed mufflers

Six-speed manual

Cargraphic springs by H&R

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes

Wheels and Tires
HRE C21, 8x19 (f), 11x19 (r)
Michelin Pilot Sport 2, 235/35-19 (f)295/30-19 (r)
Poggipolini Titanium lug nuts

Peak Power: 500 bhp (est.)
Peak Torque: 400 lb-ft (est.)

2005 Porsche 911 Carrera

Longitudinal rear engine, rear-wheel drive

3.6-liter flat six, dohc, four valves per cylinderEvolution Motorsports supercharger system

Six-speed manual

TechArt Formula

TechArt front chin spoiler, side skirts, rear roof spoiler, carbon-fiber side mirrors

Peak Power: 470 bhp (est.)
Peak Torque: 360 lb-ft (est.)

Evolution Motorsports
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