When one thinks of sought-after modifiable imports, an automatic 1991 Volvo 940 station wagon may not find its way onto many a short-list. Such matters didn't slow Todd Kijowski, though. As a technician at K&S Associates in Baltimore, Todd turns wrenches on many a Volvo, so it's no surprise that his personal ride would be one of Gothenburg's finest.

Under the hood, little has been left factory-correct on this red brick. For the current engine in his ride, Todd started with one of Volvo's B23 FT engines pulled out of an '84 Volvo. The block was bored .30 over stock, balanced and blue printed. During the rebuild he also added shot-peened rods and further prepped for more power with a higher capacity oil pump and three-core radiator.

The motor's turbo was replaced with a Turbonetics T3 Super 60 running 16 psi, adding just a bit more oomph to motor this little red wagon down the road.

For the slushbox, Todd simply replaced the fluid with Red Line synthetic. He kept the car automatic as it's his daily choice for commuting.

To help bring things back to down from warp speed, Todd replaced the stock hardware with Zimmerman cross-drilled rotors and PBR pads. Since the photo shoot, Todd has been experimenting with both S60R/Brembo hardware and custom brackets, as well as Porsche calipers at front and rear-his current setup.

Inside the cockpit, the action beneath the hood can be monitored via an A-pillar gauge pod Todd painted to match and installed. In the pod he mounted gauges for boost and oil pressure.

In order to make it handle, Todd has gone with SVR Racing coilovers, a Volvo factory chassis brace that's standard on the Swedish factory touring models and poly strut bushings. The wagon's stock swaybars were replaced with 1-in. bars from ipd.

Where things hit the ground is where Todd's obsession might be most evident. The car's 16-in. wheels are long gone and in their place roll 8x19 Axis Se7en MODs shod with Continental Sport Contact 45-series tires.

Bodywork on the 940 has been significantly evolved beyond its peers. One might wonder just how much can be done to a 1991 Volvo wagon while still keeping the look clean and true to the car's European heritage. If one were to ask Todd, the answer would be "Plenty!"

From a 1998 Volvo V90 donor car, Todd installed no less than a newer glass sunroof, taillights, tailgate, rear wiper cover, door handles and roof mouldings. While perusing the local Volvo parts yards, Todd found some very rare Volvo Aero factory sideskirts, which he quickly painted and installed on the car. The car's fenders were shaved and most of the new parts and some of the old were color-matched to the car's bright red exterior.

Inside, Todd went for a more capable mobile electronics system than the vintage 1991 audio system that came with the wagon. The whole car was fitted with Xtreme DynaMat to keep ambient noises out and stereo sound in the car. An Eclipse head unit is mated to Xtant amplifiers, MB Quart Premium speakers and a JBL subwoofer with custom enclosure to make sure the audio experience is as impressive as the acceleration, while back-seat passengers can watch a flip-down 6.5-in. color monitor and DVD player.

As far as flexibility goes, Todd thinks he may have found his ultimate automotive solution. Long trips to North Carolina towing Jet Skis with a teenager in the back are as common as quick trips to the local drag strip to embarrass some American iron. For all of the talk about Volvo's new R models, Todd seems to like his rear-wheel-drive 940 Turbo wagon just fine.

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