Say Darth Vader's teleportation module was on the fritz, and he had to get to the dark side of the Death Star in a hurry and arrive in style. What would he drive? A Carrera GT or an Enzo or a Lamborghini Murcilago? Nope, aside from being too obvious, there's not enough headroom for his cranium cap in either of those cars. A Cayenne Turbo? Nope, SUVs are soo 20th Century.

He'd choose something, in black, that was as sinister as it was elegant, that was as comfortable as it was visceral, and then he'd have it tuned.

He'd start with a CL 55 and its hand-crafted, supercharged V8. But a man used to instantaneous transport would soon tire of the 447 bhp and 460 lb-ft of torque. So, then he'd send it over to Granatelli Motorsports for its revised ECU and smaller crank pulley. The mods would increase boost from 10 psi to 14 psi, add over 75 bhp and 100 lb-ft of torque, and be good enough to shave 1.5 sec. off the 1/4-mile time. A freer-flowing Eisman exhaust system would also free things up and give it a sound as menacing as his respirator.

Not down with chrome wheels, he'd go stealth with a set of Lowenhart LD-R 20-in. wheels (9x20 fr.., 10.5x20 rr.) with Dunlop SP 9000s, size 245/35-20 in front and 255/30-20 in the back. Then he'd lower it with Eibach's Pro-Tronic, adjustable, lowering module for a post-modern lead-sled stance and improved cornering.

Lastly, he'd fill the trunk with some serious funk-13-in. JL Audio subwoofers and a mixture of JL Audio and MB Quart amps and speakers.

Then, because he's a sensualist at heart, he'd have most of the interior surfaces covered in suede. And, even though there might be some legality issues, he'd have the sat-nav screen wired to display DVDs so he can watch his favorite movie, the John Travolta masterpiece, "Battlefield Earth."

310 Motoring Granatelli Motorsports
18551 Topham St., Unit J
CA  91335
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