The engine has been tweaked with RD Sport's undersized supercharger pulley and its 258 Sport camshaft. To deal with the excess rotation and boost, the engine is managed with RD Sport software. Alta Mini's cold air intake and intercooler air diverter ensure the motor is well fed. For optimized flow, Mansoury had the intake manifold internally polished and match-ported. The Cooper S exhales through a Supersprint header and terminates in its full stainless-steel exhaust system.

The engine is crowned with MiniMania's upper strut brace, a stout-looking piece Mansoury had chromed. Nology plug wires complete the engine mods.

Mansoury modified the factory Cooper S aerodynamic kit with a blacked-out front grille and clear rear taillamps. Ultimately, this car appears to be something that just rolled off the production line, understated but exceptionally cool.

Mansoury drove 600 miles to meet us for a test drive and photo shoot-he promised we would not be disappointed. After hearing the sound of his Cooper S reverberating off the canyon walls, it became evident he wasn't lying. This car is fairly quiet on idle with just a tad lower voice, but romp on it and it screams. In fact, several times as the car was out of sight, we thought Mansoury was being overtaken by a superbike. On this serpentine stretch, the Cooper S was in its element, cutting through the canyon much faster than cars packing twice the horsepower. The larger rear bar dials out some of the Cooper's inherent understeer and lets you carry much higher entry and exit speeds. This car was also equipped with an Alta Mini short-shifter, which did a great job abbreviating shift throws. And when challenged by uphill straights, the MINI had enough beans to produce a glorious burn-out until those big brakes came into play.

After playtime was over, we sat in the cabin and watched "The Fast and the Furious." Not a bad movie; not great either. Cars going fast in a straight line...BFD. I'd like to see that Supra on this road with the Cooper S. No amount of camera magic is going to let that Toyota win this race.

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