ABD's GTI is outfitted with a full Caractre body kit. A highly complex paint job (reportedly taking 48 hours to complete) further enhances the effect. The interior is definitely more for show or racing rather than daily functionality. The high-end factory Recaro MkV R32 seats are tight and are a little tough to get in and out of-perfect for race day, just not every day.

APR's GTI is equipped with an Oettinger body kit. Unfortunately, the exterior paint scheme causes the kit to be somewhat overshadowed. But the Hella DynaBeam headlamps, Celis light-guide rod and high-performance LEDs give it a unique look. Covering the cabin's surfaces with Alcantara gives this GTI a luxurious feel normally associated with vehicles several times the price. It is also equipped with a complex computer system which, after reading the 100-page manual, should prove useful.

The exterior of the H&R GTI has been modified using parts from VW's factory accessories catalog, giving it an upgraded look that is straightforward and clean. The vehicle features a two-tone paint job separated by a reflective silver strip. The interior's spun-aluminum belt line trim is inspired by the R32 and accents the two-tone seats, bringing the exterior's paint scheme into the cockpit. Mounted in the trunk is an intricate stereo system featuring H&R's own VW FAST.

Pack Your Bags For Vegas
The APR GTI is overall winner. Even though it does not win all the tests, it keeps within VW's original theme. APR's GTI feels like the most complete vehicle, achieving a balance of styling, street performance and track attitude. The best thing is that the entire car is easy to replicate and all the parts are readily available.

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