Fuzzy also has a niece. Ever since we arrived, we've been noticing the strength of the Faroean gene pool and Barbara Carlsen is its crowning glory. Carlsen is a gospel singer and has just returned from a tour of the southern United States where, one suspects, she provoked some ungodly thoughts. "The Faroes are boring," she complains as she inspects the Gallardo. "There's nothing here to do." I nod pathetically. Faced with exceptional beauty, I've forgotten how to speak.

Our meeting proves a fitting climax to what has been a fascinating few days. Like Barbara, the Faroes is small but beautifully formed. The Scandinavian instinct for understated good taste is combined with a spectacular natural landscape. And thanks to the friendly Gulf Stream, the climate is temperate.

We left London a week ago, not sure what we'd find. There was a danger we'd be bored by the Faroes and irritated by the Gallardo's impracticality, but both have exceeded our expectations. The Faroe Islands probably aren't the most exciting place in which to grow up, but they're a great place to visit and the roads are terrific.

The baby Lamborghini has also sustained my interest. A peculiar fusion of Italian passion and German engineering has conjured a car of rare quality, one that doesn't rely on its supermodel looks to seduce.

I agree with the Prime Minister, the Gallardo Spyder really is "even better than I imagined."

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