MTM's Clubsport just eats corners, however you go in, no matter what clubfooted approach you adopt. This is a flattering car, one that will take care of its owner, and that's a good thing. But keeping it smooth is the true skill here and staying off the computers that transfer power from side to side and front to rear faster than the human processor behind the wheel can even think about it.

Without full access to the Hockenheim circuit, I simply can't put this car sideways-the speeds required would have be irresponsible in a way that only handgun-toting teens can understand. And even if I could, it would be a uniform drift laying down four black lines and absolutely nothing more. It's that good, that well balanced, that light on its (admittedly) heavy feet.

As for the brakes, what would you expect from eight-piston calipers biting down on 14.9-inch discs on the front and 12.6-inch discs in the rear? A car this heavy would lose it under braking, if at all, but the bracing throughout the body, together with that fine-tuned suspension, holds everything together impeccably.

On the road, that makes it one of the ultimate point-to-point cars. On the track, it's a recipe for serious excitement. A wagon just shouldn't be this much fun, but it really is.


Longitudinal front engine, all-wheel drive


4.2-liter V8, dohc, five valves per cylinder, MTM
supercharger, air intake, software, sport exhaust


Lightweight axle, sport springs, adjustable dampers, anti-
roll bars

Wheels and Tires

MTM Bimoto, 9.5x19, Michelin Pilot Cup Sport, 265/30-19


Carbon-fiber bonnet, front bumper and front and rear


Custom rollcage, Recaro race seats, fire extinguisher

Peak power: 450 bhp @ 6800 rpm
Peak torque: 413 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm 0-60mph: 4.8 sec.
Top speed: 190 mph

49 (0) 841.981880

Firma Hoppen Motorsport

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