Las Vegas is known for gambling and partying, but what do people talk about most when they get home, the buffets. The SEMA show is as close to an automotive buffet you are going to find. There is everything you could possibly imagine laid out nicely in front of you for you to enjoy. We had a really tough time narrowing down the best of the best to show all our readers, we even had a tough time narrowing down categories. So here are the things we think you would most like to see. For the truly gluttonous, and we would include ourselves in this category, once you get past the best of, we have posted just about every picture we took worth seeing.

Best European Compact - Tokico's Audi A3
This was a tough choice even though there were only a few real competitors. This particular Audi was just a very clean example of German hot hatch goodness. It is the type of car you see at a show and think, "Wow of all the cars I have seen in here, that is actually one I would want to drive everyday" To the best of our knowledge it was prepared by Neuspeed for Tokico's booth.

Best European GT - BBS Wheels's BMW M3
BBS is known for making some of the finest wheels available, so it is no surprise that they would show up with one of the finest cars of the show. This particular BMW M3 was similar to a European M3 CSL. It had the molded in trunk spoiler and the carbon fiber roof panel of the CSL. It also had a custom hood with molded in vents that were unpainted to show their carbon-kevlar construction. The right side of car wore RS-GTs while the left side was fitted with CHs. The interior featured Sparco seats and a roll bar. Seeing this car made us all itch for a little track time.

Best Sports Car - TC Kline Carbon Coupe
Based on a BMW Z4 M Coupe TC Kline has taken it to a new level of performance. Replacing most of the body panels with Carbon Fiber replacements and flaring the fenders out to cover massive track rubber this was a serious performance machine. The standard Z4 M is no slouch, but shaving a few hundred pounds of any performance car is never a bad thing. The roof panel was replaced with a carbon fiber piece which seems to be what all the fashionable Bimmers are wearing these days, suspension is by Vogtland who also provided the parking spot. This is an impressive car that deserves more attention than we can give it here. Watch for it in an upcoming issue of European Car Magazine.

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