Roads were dry, traffic non-existent, and the local autobahn speed limit-free. Whereas the bigger wheels, tires, and brakes and funner exhaust helped everything feel amazing on surface roads, the F430 Bi-compressor above 90 mph turns into the car Novitec Rosso talks about. Supercharging's tendency to create a nonstop swell of power as revs stay high and speeds increase certainly holds doubly true here. And the stability provided by the upgraded aerodynamics and suspension is on full display above the magic 155-mph threshold.

Horror of all horrors, this is a better Ferrari F430, folks. This sexy, savvy, serious Bavarian Italian is available now, and the cost of all of these modifications together is north of $100,000. And that includes the exquisite leather-and-Alcantara fully redone interior in the colors of your choosing. But this not-just-cosmetic real deal is a breathtaking driver made only for the sincerest Ferrari investor. Do it.

And they're hinting at mounting 8.7-psi Rotrex superchargers for the '07 Frankfurt show. Yikes. Get a track permit.



Longitudinal mid-engine, rear-wheel drive


4.3-liter V8, dohc, four valves per cylinder, carbon-fiber intakes, twin Rotrex superchargers, dual Schweitzer intercoolers, Fuchs exhaust, high-pressure Bosch injectors, two new ECUs


Six-speed F1 sequential manual


KW coilovers, front and rear anti-roll bars


Brembo calipers with 15-inch metal rotors, braided stainless-steel lines

*Wheels and Tires

Novitec Rosso/Fondmetal NF1, 9x19(f) 12.5x20 (r)Pirelli P Zero Rosso, 255/30-19 (f)345/25-20 (r)


Novitec Rosso carbon-fiber front lip, rear valance, side pieces, rear wing, black-smoke taillight covers


Leather and Alcantara upholstery


Peak Power: 641 bhp @ 8200 rpmPeak Torque: 471 lb-ft @ 6250 rpm0-60 mph: 3.5 sec. (est.)

Top Speed: 196 mph (216 mph with 3.80:1 final drive)

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