He Builds It, They Come

We chat with Wolfgang Hagedorn, founder of Novitec and the guy who believes he can improve every Ferrari

EC: Almost everyone says you shouldn't mess with an icon like Ferrari. So, why Ferraris?

WH: We started back in 1989 with Fiats and then in 1996 we started with Alfas. We've done well with these two and we still do. But there came a time to move up and we chose Ferrari since it's part of the Fiat Group. Ferrari was also a dream of mine. It seemed a natural and still no one else was really doing significant Italian upgrades in Germany at the time.

EC: But, why something so different like these twin superchargers?

WH: We didn't want turbocharging since that causes too much heat and a big punch of power suddenly, and that wasn't my preference. Also, with turbos we would have needed to open the engine, that is lower the compression ratio, and we definitely don't ever want to do that to one of these engines.

EC: What cars do you have in your personal garage?

WH: An F430, a 612 [Scaglietti], and a Fiat Idea [a small minivan].

EC: What woman would you ideally have in the passenger seat while driving the F430 Bi-compressor?

WH: [calling out the office door] Honey? He's asking me which woman would be in the passenger seat of the F430 if I were driving.

[Wife pokes head into office, laughs disparagingly, rolls eyes, leaves.]

EC: C'mon. Pamela Anderson?

WH: She'd probably enjoy that.

EC: How long to get delivery on the F430 Bi-compressor once a car arrives at Novitec Rosso?

WH: Right around one month to do everything that is possible on the car you drove.

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