When the track opened out, the pedal went to the metal and the landmarks whistled past the wraparound window. Rascasse, Casino Square and into the harbor... our three minutes of fun were over all too fast. And the second I stepped out the car I was into the boss for a chance to pilot the 500-bhp C8 Laturbie at next year's Grand Prix. If the invitation comes, I'll miss my own wedding day if I need to.

Spyker doesn't advertise; with events like this Spyker doesn't need to. This appearance, another trip to the Top Marques show in Monaco and a trip to Pebble Beach, together with sponsor-funded racing programs, are all the marketing it requires. And the marque has gone even larger for zero funds with a starring role in Basic Instinct 2 for the closed-top Laviolette.

North America is Spyker's biggest market now, together with the Middle East, as the rich and ostentatious welcomed the brand with open arms. The aubergine C8 you see here is Muller's second shot at his dream C8 Spyder. The last time he built one, rapper Busta Rhymes took it off him. And that has been Muller's masterstroke. He has accessed the money-no-object crowd who buy cars like candy bars. The price doesn't come into it. And this has helped him turn a dream into a publicly listed company with investment from the royal family of Abu Dhabi in the space of five years. It's set to continue with a new range of models, including the road-going C12, C8 Turbo and a new mid-engine SUV the Peking-to-Paris which is so crazy that if it were a person it would need a helmet to go outside. They're all as opulent, needlessly expensive and over the top as the Monaco Grand Prix itself. And that's why everybody loves Spyker. The customers keep on coming.

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