Concept A - Design, Front

Cheetahs are athletic, fast animals; the Concept A would be an athletic, fast automobile

Distinguished hissing: Already at first glance the new car communicates in a split second all optical messages over the front part of the automobile. In the front, the design of the Concept A shows a new evolutionary step Volkswagen's crest radiator grill. The V theme, known among others from the Golf GTI and Passat, incorporates the grill as an integral element in the sculpture. Clearly drawn out it eludes itself of the reservations of a homogenous surface and leaps forward with a balanced concentration of aggression. In the lower area however, the grill dodges behind a filigree body colored crossbeam. This picture resembles a wild cat, a Cheetah, fast, athletic, concentrated, not without desire to attack but also familiar.

Look me in the eyes: The slightly slanted headlights, the eyes of this cat underline the exceptional competent and confident appearance of the Concept A. A trapeze shaped headlight element breaks the circle characteristic for Volkswagen ever since the Beetle age. LEDs catapult the traditional motive of the round headlights into the future. The frame for the grille and headlights are formed by the bumper elements on the side, which in the lower continuation, visually take the V theme of the entire front part to the top level. This V stretches from the under carriage protection, over the crest radiator grill and the hood with its power domes, all the way to the A columns.Classic like a Roadster: Just like the soft top of a classic Roadster, the roof rises slightly over the comparatively low and steep front window. The aluminum outside space of the A columns give the front window as well as the roof optical support. In their graphic effect, dominantly designed through the material change they form an essential design characteristic of the Concept A.

Concept A - Design, Rear

Multi variable trunk situation: As outlined the hatchback of the Concept A is made of two parts. The lower part can be opened independently and just like a pick-up can stay open for the transport of long items. The top part: The outside lying hinges are not only a symbol for functionality and solidity they are also a technical requirement for the distinguished flow of the coupe like roof contour. The hatchback, with its large window and the flat angle, reiterates a classic sports car design element.

One likes to drive behind that: In their graphic, the rear lights take up a, for this day and age, typical VW design element. The circle and the trapeze. New however is the again three-dimensional design of the rear lights and that they are an integral part of the breathtaking shoulder of this study. At the bottom the motor exhales via two round chrome pipes.

Concept A - Design, Interior

Spacious interior: Light and air dominate the space's feel. A large soft top can be swerved all the way back to the C column if needed. In its concept the interior is of a surprising clarity. The four-bucket seats offer optimum ergonomic features, yet are still built in a space-saving manner. The cockpit and middle console are separate independent areas that were created solitaire, free of compromises of a forced connection.

Less is more: In its volume and formal specification, the middle console already embodies a formal connection to motor and transmission. The gearshift knob is positioned ideally. So that while driving the right hand forms a direct line to the strength flow between motor, transmission and all wheel drive. The completely reduced design of the cockpit, however, appears to be floating in the room. A central round instrument allows for concentrating on essentials. Standing out is the formal integration of the climate exhaust, which intentionally is used as a dominant design element. Their large space grid structure carries functional elements like the Multi-Media-Interface.

Showing true colors: The future of the interior design is accompanied by a non-judgmental handling of the different materials from all provenances. The familiar re-interpreted mixed provocatively with pure innovation. Already the names are proof of courage and fantasy: The fixtures are covered with black patent leather named "Black Reflection" the applications magnesium painted in "Frozen Ice". The doors as well as other interior lining parts again turn to the colors "Black Reflection" and "Frozen surface" (black nubuk leather and silver applications). The light middle lanes of the seats are upholstered with the high tech fabric "Antarctica", a half transparent and extremely breathable fiber. The sitting cheeks and leg rests are then again decorated with black smooth and suede leather. That leaves the carpet in the light tone "Ice Crystal" which says it all.

Concept A - Technical data

Concept A / Berlin

Measurements Length
4,348 mm

1,854 mm

1,551 mm

Wheel base
2,602 mm

Overhang front
925 mm

Overhang rear
821 mm

Track gage front
1,546 mm

Track gage rear
1,541 mm


Concept1.4 TSI (Twincharger)Max. output
110 kW / 150 PS

Drive train/Wheels

Six gear transmission
Axle drive
4MOTION all wheel drive

Wheels front
10Jx20 - ET 42

Wheels rear
10Jx20 - ET 28

Tire dimensions
295/40 ZR 20

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