Lotus Cortina, Ford RS 200, Ford GT40, Tyrrell F1 & Ford Escort RS Cosworth Specifications

Lotus Cortina Mk I
Type:Lotus/Ford 125E
Configuration:Inline four-cyl., mounted longitudinally; iron block and aluminum head; four valves per cyl.; twin overhead camshafts
Fuel/ignition:Dual Weber two-barrel carburetors
Displacement:1588 cc
Bore and stroke:82.7 x 72.7mm
Compression ratio:9.5:1
Max power:105 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Max torque:108 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Type:Front ENGINE, rear-wheel-drive
Gearbox:Ford four-speed manual with synchromesh
Suspension, front:MacPherson struts/coil springs, lower A-arms with anti-roll bar; hydraulic shock absorbers
Suspension rear:Solid axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs and torque arms
Steering:Recirculating ball
Brakes, front:Girling 9.5-in. discs
Brakes, rear:9-in. drums
Wheels:6x13-in. steel
Tires:Dunlop 185/70-13
Type:Steel unitBODY, two-door, five-passenger
L/w/h:168/62.5/53.4 in.
Wheelbase:98.4 in.
Front track:51.5 in.
Rear track:50.5 in.
Weight:2,038 lb
0-60 mph:9.6 sec.
Quarter mile:16.5 @ 81 mph
Top speed:110 mph
Ford RS 200 EVO Specs
(Standard specs varied between RS 200, RS 200S and RS 200 EVO models based on customer requests and options. A 2.1-liter 550-bhp+ BDT-E ENGINE was also available.)
Type:Ford-Cosworth BDT
Configuration:Inline four-cyl., mounted longitudinally amidships; cast aluminum block and cylinder head; four valves/cyl.; twin overhead camshafts
Fuel/ignition:Ford f.i., with Ford EEC-lV ENGINE management; Garrett AiResearch TO3/4 turbo; charge air intercooling
Bore x stroke:86 x 77.6mm
Compression ratio:8.2:1 (nominal), plus turbocharging to 11.0 psi/0.75 bar
Max power:350 bhp @ 1.3 bar for standard 200S; 600 bhp @ 1.3 bar for EVO
Max torque:300 lb-ft
Gearbox:Ford/FF, front-mounted magnesium-cased five-speed manual transaxle, all-synchromesh with viscous coupling limited-slip differentials at front, center and rear
Gear ratios:(1) 2.692:1; (2) 1.824:1; (3) 1.318:1; (4) 1.043:1; (5) 0.786:1; (FD) 4.375:1
Suspension, front:Adjustable independent; forged double wishbone with dual coilover shocks; anti-roll bar
Suspension, rear:Independent, control arms with dual coilover shocks; anti-roll bar; (Evolution cars were usually equipped with eight totally adjustable coilovers and adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear.)
Steering:Unassisted rack-and-pinion
Brakes, front:11.2-in.ventilated discs
Brakes, rear:11.2-in. ventilated discs (Evolution cars were usually fitted with 13-in. vented discs and four-pot calipers.)
Wheels:Eight-spoke cast aluminum; 8.0Jx16 in.
Tires:Pirelli P700; 225/50VR16
Type:Monocoque; two-door, two-seater; lightweight composite steel, aluminum and honeycomb tub with built-in rollcage. Bolt-on tubular steel front and rear subframes. Glass-fiber BODY panels with carbon/aramid stiffening. Lift-up front and rear sections for CHASSI Sand ENGINE access. Air intake ducts depending on spec.
L/w/h:157/69.4/52 in.
Wheelbase:99.6 in.
Track, f/r:59.1 in./58.9 in.
Weight:2.602 lb
Max speed:140 mph est. (Evo:185 mph est.)
0-60 mph:6.1 sec. (Evo:3.06 sec.)
0-100 mph:17.0 sec. (Evo:6.9 sec.)
Quarter-mile:15.0 sec. (Evo:10.9 sec.)
PRICE: $49,995 (250-hp version, in 1985)
Ford GT40 Mk 4
Type:Ford 90* V8
Displacement:427 cu in. (6997cc)
Max power:500 bhp @ 6400 rpm
Max torque:470 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm
Compression ratio:10.75:1
Lubrication:Dry sump
Induction:Two Holley 4bbl carbs
Type:Ford Kar Kraft T44 four-speed
Final drive:2.50:1
Type:016 alloy sheet honeycomb (bonded)
Suspension, front:Independent double wishbone with coilover springs and adjustable shocks
Suspension, rear:Independent, upper and lower trailing arms, transverse upper link and lower wishbone with coilover springs and adjustable shocks
Steering:Unassisted rack and pinion
Brakes:Ford K & H calipers with 12-in. vented front rotors and 11.5 rear
Wheels:Ford Turbine 8x15 front and 12x15 rear,
Tires:Goodyear 9:75x15 front and 12:80x15 rear
Wheelbase:95 in.
L/w/h:171/70.5/38.6 in.
Weight:2,205 lb
1971 Tyrrell F1
Type:Ford Cosworth DFV 90* V8, four valves per cylinder
Max power:405 bhp @ 9000 rpm to 500+ bhp @ 11000 rpm
Max torque:from 6300 to 11,300 rpm
Fuel delivery/lubrication:Lucas mechanical slide valve injection; dry sump
Type:Hewland FG 400 five-speed
Final drive:3.875:1
Type:Alloy monocoque, riveted and bonded
Suspension, front:Adjustable, independent wishbone with coilover springs, adjustable shocks and roll bar
Suspension, rear:Adjustable, parallel lower links, single top link and twin radius rods, coilover shocks and rear roll bar
Steering:Rack and pinion
Brakes:Girling alloy two-pot calipers with 10.5-in. vented rotors
Wheels:Cast magnesium center lock, 10x13 fr. and 15x13 r
Tires:Goodyear 20x9.5x13 fr. and 26x15x13 r.
Wheelbase:95.7 in.
Track, f/r:63/62.9 in.
Weight:1,224 lb
Ford Excort RS Cosworth
Type:Ford Cosworth YBT
Configuration:Inline four-cyl., frontmounted longitudinally; iron block and aluminum head; four valves per cyl.; twin overhead camshafts
Fuel/ignition:Weber-Marelli electronic ENGINE management; Garrett T35 turbocharger
Compression ratio:8.0:1 (nominal) plus turbocharging to 1 bar/16 psi
Max power:227 bhp @ 6250 rpm
Max torque:220 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm
Gearbox:Ford MT75 five-speed manual, with synchromesh with planetary front coupling and viscous coupling limited slip center and rear
Final drive:3.62:1
Suspension, front:MacPherson struts/coil springs with lower control arms and 28mm anti-roll bar. Gas-filled shock absorbers
Suspension, rear:Tubular subframe and two y-shaped trailing arms, 22mm anti-roll bar, hydraulic, double-acting shock absorbers, coil springs
Steering:Power-assisted rack and pinion
Brakes:Electronically controlled Teves Mk II ABS anti-lock system with two microprocessors; one hydraulic circuit for each front wheel, single circuit for rear wheels. Ventilated front and rear disks. Hydraulic high pressure assistance.
Size, front:10.9-in. ventilated discs
Size, rear:10.7-in. ventilated discs
Wheels:8x16 alloys
Tires:Pirelli PZero, 225/45ZR-16
Type:Unit BODY, three-door, five-passenger
L/w/h:165.8/68.2/56.1 in.
Wheelbase:90.8 in.
Track, f/r:58.6 in./59.2 in.
Weight:2,812 lb
0-60 mph:5.7 sec.
Top speed:140 mph
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