Advance Design uses a high-pressure gas monotube design. It moves more oil and is thus easier to have an effect on the valving through adjustments. It is also easier for most customers to understand what's happening in a monotube damper. Advance Design doesn't use external reservoirs nor an upside-down strut for reasons of lightness, simplicity and reliability. Damping is adjustable separately for compression and rebound, because the two functions perform different tasks. Only three positions are provided for each; the settings cover a wide enough range to be useful in adapting the car to different tracks and drivers, but don't extend into useless areas. Advance Design dampers are rebuildable, but that should be necessary only to change the oil every couple of seasons when racing. Barring crash damage, they should last forever.

We chose Advance Design for Project M3 knowing that it is on several of the fastest 3 Series BMWs in ITS. For us, it has proven to be an excellent choice for both street and track, helping put Project M3's 400-plus whp to the ground.

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PES Audi V6 SuperchargerAssuming you want your wife driving the kids to hockey practice in a 295-hp Audi, Performance Engineered Systems' supercharger kit for 30-valve V6s is a great way to accomplish it. If you want the power, but she wants the niceness, you'll both be happy. PES' first objective in engineering this supercharger system was to preserve the integrity of the vehicle: A customer has already paid a premium for an Audi and expects perfection. If the goal was the quickest quarter mile for the least amount of money spent, the customer would have bought a Camaro.

PES's supercharger kit is based on the Eaton M62 Roots-type blower, which is highly efficient at moderate pressure ratios and has proven its reliability as original equipment on Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Aston Martin. An Audi must idle and drive perfectly, and PES' demonstrator A4 does just that. It also made a ton of power, with excellent throttle response and no lag. Around town, it was quiet. The supercharger was audible only with the throttle open, at which point people will know there's something under the hood anyway. And even then, it didn't howl the way some installations do. Ultimately, this system asks questions a chipped S4 may have a hard time answering.

Perfect driveability is achieved by keeping the factory engine management happy, not by tricking it. PES adds larger injectors to go with a remapped ECU. Take everything you've heard about the difficulty of tuning Audi's turbo cars, and multiply it a few times to put boost on a non-boosted car. More than 1,000 hours of tuning and road testing were required, but PES got it dialed in. Internal fuel and timing trim corrections are held to a few percent.

Another element of a seamless experience is a truly bolt-on installation, with no guesswork and everything in the box. The manifold and inlet pipe are shipped assembled to the supercharger so it's ready to mount. The PES system will work with factory or aftermarket intake and exhaust systems, though improvements are recommended for maximum power, and the factory plastic spark coils and valve covers remain in place. PES provides the installation manual on CD. PES' own technician can install the kit in 6 hours, but a first-timer is better off reserving 12. No stock parts are modified with the installation, so a car can be completely returned to original condition.

With naturally aspirated engines, the 2.8L A4 and A6 are the "luxury" versions of their platforms-meaning not intended for high performance. If that pains you, PES has a cure for your ailments. You won't be driving just another chipped 1.8T.

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