The envy of the automotive business, BMW offers one of the most comprehensive aftersales accessory range of any OE manufacturer. While many might have wheels or floor mats, the M Performance Parts catalog includes everything from body kits to wheels, suspension, brakes, interior pieces to exhaust, with software tuning on the way.

We don’t need to tell you good news about this: not only do you get to hold onto your oh-so-important factory warranty while bringing your plain-Jane F30 closer to OEM-plus show-car status, but the quality of the parts is better than almost anything else on the market.

In the past, we’ve fitted M Performance Parts to a BMW 135i and E90 M3. Each time we were wowed by the perfect fit and can confirm everything is put together with the utmost care. Perhaps the only downside is the price, but you don’t need us to remind you that you get what you pay for…

Following the introduction of the latest F30 3 Series sedan, BMW North America announced the release of all-new M Performance Parts for this car. Select items fit both 328i and 335i, and we had exclusive access to the first outfitted F30 to capture these photos.

It’s worth noting that several of the exterior pieces are intended for cars fitted with the optional M Sport body panels, so these won’t fit any of the early 3 Series in the US. As a result, some parts aren’t available here yet, but expect them later this year. However, that still leaves a large number of tasty parts for your car.

Previously known simply as BMW Performance Parts, the new M Performance title indicates everything was developed in conjunction with BMW M GmbH. And you can see the difference – the body styling is more aggressive, it sees the introduction of matte carbon pieces and several new finishes among the other highlights.

All parts are available from your local BMW dealer or can be ordered online using the “Accessories” dropdown menu at or by directly accessing

Talking Head
We had a chance to sit down with Eric Riehle, Product Manager - Performance and Motorsports Parts at BMWNA, to get an idea of BMWs approach to individualization, and where it’s going.

EC: How successful have BMW M Performance Parts been?
ER: We’re very pleased with the success thus far. When we started in 2008, hardly anybody knew we even offered factory-backed performance mods. It took a few years to establish ourselves, but the popularity of the product line has grown tremendously. Our catalog of performance parts increases every year and we offer products for many new BMWs, including M models.

What feedback have you received from consumers and enthusiasts?

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re known for offering innovative, premium products and there’s an appreciation that customers have for performance parts developed and tested by the same BMW engineers who designed their vehicle. Customers also like that they receive added residual value on their lease if they have certain Performance Parts installed. This is a huge benefit considering some parts can decrease the value of the vehicle.

Do you anticipate popularity for the F30 parts?

I think this will be the most popular line yet. The new 3 Series is a great looking car that performs really well, but adding M Performance Parts transforms the vehicle. These parts are particularly aggressive in design and considerably enhance the driving experience.

What were BMW’s goals in creating these factory-approved mods?

Our goal was to fill the void between original factory equipment and aftermarket performance parts. Customers had asked for performance parts that were covered under warranty and meet the same quality standards, and BMW M Performance Parts are the direct result of this.

Do you ever see ECU software and power-adders being made available in the us?

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