Another highlight was the 21" lightweight, forged one-piece wheels. A contemporary interpretation of a classic Gemballa style, they weigh less than the factory 19"equivalents, helping performance and handling.

Gemballa has specialized in bespoke interiors from day one, being responsible for some spectacular work in the past. But since the GT package is a first step, the interior was kept simple, with impact coming from color alone.

Orange leather was used on the steering wheel, shift knob, console, door pulls and armrests. The same color also highlighted the instruments, stitching and floor mats. Not exactly subtle, the orange breathed life into the black interior.


The youngest of the three, SpeedArt founder Bjorn Striening prefers to use GRP for his aerodynamic parts rather than the carbon fiber of his competitors in order to keep costs down.

The resultant body kit consisted of a front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser incorporating cutouts for a quartet of polished tips on the stainless steel exhaust. And because the small wing takes its cues from the cooling slats of the factory engine lid, it looks like it’s always been there.

Unlike the spoilers, SpeedArt’s 21x9" and x11" LSC forged wheels aren’t any cheaper thanks to the lightweight, three-piece design. The distinctive double-spokes continue into the polished outer rim–a visual trick to give the appearance of being even larger. They’re shod in 235/30 ZR21 and 305/25 ZR21 Michelin rubber.

After the relatively sober exterior, the interior features a riot of bright color including lime green seats inserts. The same hue is found on the console, dash and door trims, steering wheel, shift knob and instrument cluster. It’s contrasted by blue stitching and while the combination looks great in a show car, we wouldn’t like to face it everyday!

These three 991 conversions are relatively minimal in approach, but create plenty of impact. They collectively represent the first rung of the 991 tuning ladder that will surely culminate in wild Turbo models and GT derivatives. So if you’re thinking of buying a new 911 and know you won’t be satisfied with stock, check out these examples from Germany’s finest to score greater exclusivity.

TechArt USA
710 Pressley Road
NC  28217
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