While I had many opportune moments (some anticipated, some not) in breaking the car mildly sideways at speeds approaching triple digits, I started to feel at one with the chassis. The suspension, chassis stiffness, seats and brakes started to instill a lot more confidence, and I was having a hard time believing anything out there would dare keep up.

The straight-line performance is intoxicating. But off the line, this car doesn’t need a launch mode, rather a launch control. In fact, its 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds isn’t a big improvement over a standard, non-GTS M3. That number is very deceiving for this car—it should be well into the low 3s.

The fact that it arrives at 125 mph less than 8 seconds later starts to tell the power story. If you’re still having a hard time appreciating what I just said, let me draw you a picture. From 60 mph the standard E92 M3 will only reach 109 mph in that time, whereas this GTS is pulling away at 1.3 car lengths per second and climbing. It’s right on par with the 60- to 125-mph times of a Ferrari 599 GTB or a Porsche 997 Turbo GT2, both of which can trap the quarter at well over 130 mph. Is that better?

I’m compelled to say “enough said,” click send, cross my arms and sit back with a nod of my own approval. But there is so much more to mention.

The G-Power tune of the seven-speed transmission is sharp. It’s really a big part of the fun factor in the total package. Upon wide-open throttle, each millisecond shift shoves me straight into the factory-supplied Recaro fiberglass buckets. It’s a feeling of invincibility.

As we approach the 20-mph cruise zone of Schrobenhausen, the perfectly tuned, rev-matched downshifts crunch with audible authority, and the whole neighborhood of rubbernecked bystanders look like they’re witnessing an F-22 Raptor making an emergency landing on their cobblestone street.

With G-Power’s signature exhaust system, it’s hard not to notice this car as it bounces sound waves that can only be described as heart-stopping off the centuries-old village buildings.

Visually, it’s just as jaw-dropping. We’re only 50 miles away from this car’s birthplace, and just 8 miles from G-Power. A good majority of the folks are familiar with both in this part of the country. To them, I would have thought this was just another BMW—just one in a peculiar color—and then they’d look away. Far from the truth, and it’s borderline embarrassing to the point my passenger and I lower our cap bills over our faces and start to laugh uncontrollably. Surely the group of eight teenaged girls running after us down the village’s main strip also had something to do with this (Sweetie, if you’re reading this, I promise you I didn’t waive to them!). The folks in this town know what they saw, and they understand its significance.

For those that think owning a car as exclusive as the M3 GTS isn’t enough, G-Power’s got the answer. It takes the car and bumps it to top-of-the-line Ferrari and Porsche performance.

I drove it. And thanks to the experience, I’ll always love my job no matter what happens. I think my life, too.


Peak Power: 630 bhp
Peak Torque: 465 lb-ft
0-60 mph: 4.1 sec.
Top Speed: 201 mph (drag limited)


G-Power USA

G-Power GmbH
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