Profile: VF Engineering

Nearly 15 years ago, a bright young kid named Nik Saran stopped by our office and left a set of VW keys on our desk. His only request was that we drive it hard and tell the truth about its performance. Fitted with a centrifugal supercharger, the base-level Mk III Golf in question behaved like a GTI on military-spec stimulants. The entire kit sold for relative peanuts and while Saran didn’t get rich, he was having fun and making customers happy.

Supply and quality concerns led VFE to switch to Vortech compressor units. Made in the United States, Vortech has earned a solid reputation for its quality, innovation and service, exactly what VFE demanded.

We fitted our own Project Corrado VR6 with a VFE supercharger and the end results made it one of our favorite cars ever. The system was indestructible, would happily run on pump gas and gave our Corrado a fabulous power boost. We’re still kicking ourselves for selling it.

Later, VFE began designing systems for BMWs, starting with the E36 chassis and later the E39 cars. As that generation gave way to the new chassis, VFE was there with a full product line. We had VFE supercharge our own E46 M3 for a healthy power boost. Despite bumper-to-bumper LA traffic, an occasional stint at Willow Springs Raceway, the M3 performed flawlessly.

Normally aspirated Porsches (996 and 997) got VFE love as well. Anyone familiar with the cramped 911 engine architecture will tell you it’s no easy feat stuffing more hardware in there but VFE did so with a factory-correct appearance.

VFE developed new systems for Audis, the V6, V8 and V10 cars to great success. Stasis Tuning began a dealer program offering highly tuned VFE-supercharged cars with factory warranties. The Spyker Group took notice and decided a VFE supercharged version would be especially sweet. And thanks to Audi’s platform sharing philosophy, Lamborghini cars could be fitted with similar VFE supercharging systems.

Located in Anaheim, Calif., VFE started its operation out of a 300 sq-ft attic. It quickly outgrew the space and now resides in a sizable 5,000 sq-ft facility, complete with a four-wheel dynamometer, R&D area, fitting room and sales office. Utilizing the latest in CAD tools, each supercharger system is developed with a factory-like mentality. Intake piping is wrought from the same stuff found beneath the hood and factory hardware is used wherever possible. The end results rival the best tuners worldwide.

Despite its growth, VFE maintains close contact with its clients so any issues are resolved quickly. And in the highly connected marketplace, it only takes a few disgruntled customers to make a big stink. The only real option is to have a bulletproof product. VFE has done that.

VFE 2010 LP 560-4 Spyder

Longitudinal mid-mounted engine, all-wheel drive

5.0-liter V10, dohc, 40-valve. VFE supercharger system, charge-coolers, revised MAP sensors, high-flow injectors, GIAC ECU

Six-speed E-gear automated manual. Heavy-duty clutch and pressure plate, chrome-moly halfshafts


OEM calipers, Brembo rotors

Wheels and Tires
HRE 843R, 19-inch
Continental SportContact 3, 245/35 (f), 305/30 (r)

OEM aerodynamics

Peak Power: 760 hp
Peak Torque: 600 lb-ft
0-62 mph: 3.1 sec.
Top Speed: 204 mph

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