A special car from a special company, the Ruf RT12R is an incredibly fast and well-resolved road legal track-day car that is civilized enough to be driven daily. However, it’s the look that really captivates. Thanks to the dynamic CTR3 front end, the familiar 997 shape takes on a whole new persona. It’s the perfect 21st century interpretation of the classic 911.

Ruf RT12R

Longitudinal rear engine, all-wheel drive

3.8-liter flat six, dohc, 24-valve. Balanced crankshaft, 102mm Mahle pistons, titanium rods, custom cast alloy intake manifold, enlarged throttle body, ported heads, custom camshafts, Ruf-modified KKK K24 turbos, custom air-to-air intercoolers, Bosch Motronic ME7.8 ECU

Six-speed manual

Ruf-spec Eibach/Bilstein coilovers

Six-piston calipers with 380mm rotors (f),
Four-piston calipers with 350mm rotors (r)

Wheels and Tires
Ruf centerlock alloys, 9x19 (f), 12x19 (r)
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, 245/35 (f), 325/30 (r)

Carbon front quarters, front bumper spoiler, aluminum bootlid, aluminum doors, custom rear quarters, Ruf decklid, carbon rear wing

Ruf Integrated Roll Cage, carbon panels on center console and doors, contrasting gold upholstery stitching


Peak Power: 730 hp @ 7000 rpm

Peak Torque: 708 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm

0-62 mph: 3.4 sec.

Top Speed: 225 mph

Ruf Automobile GmbH
Ruf North America
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