The 9ff Speed9 is an exceptional car for its unique looks, and a conversion so well engineered it feels like it could have come from Porsche this way. More importantly, unlike some small tuners who will just cut the roof off and leave you to figure out the rest, 9ff has finished the job by providing a properly engineered hardtop. In the end though, the real draw for some will be to simply own a car that nobody else has.

Unlike with most Speedsters, 9ff does not expect clients to use such a car only when the sun is shining. they wanted a car that you could use year-round.

9ff Speed9

Longitudinal rear engine, rear-wheel drive

3.6-liter flat six, dohc, 24-valve. 9ff Turbo 3.6 conversion with modified intake, custom turbos and intercoolers, equal-length tubular headers, 200-cell metallic catalysts, sport exhaust, ECU remap

Six-speed Tiptronic automatic

Height-adjustable coilovers

9ff 380mm cross-drilled rotors

Wheels and Tires
9ff GT9 alloys, 8.5x19 (f), 11.5x19 (r) Continental SportContact3,
235/35 (f), 295/30 (r)

Hardtop removed, Boxster front windscreen frame with custom glass, 9ff front and rear bumpers

Peak Power: 650 hp @ 6500 rpm
Peak Torque: 590 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm

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