Oakley looked for a gap in the traffic and we got underway. It was hard to tell, but figuratively speaking the car would have at first accelerated slightly slower than stock as some low-end torque was sacrificed due to the exhaust modifications. But peak power is increased to 644 hp at the wheels thanks to the various upgrades including, but not limited to, a carbon-fiber airbox that has two liters more intake capacity. The intake pipes that feed it have also increased in size to keep the ram-air effect at high speeds. And we were about to hit a few of those.

By now a number of people, photographers and subjects alike, had gathered at the side of the highway. Not only to see what was happening but to hear it. At 6.6 pounds, the cat-back titanium exhaust not only saves a whopping 77 pounds, it wails like a wounded banshee thanks to titanium’s deeper sonic signature.

If the exhaust configuration hampered acceleration under 3000 rpm it certainly was hard to tell. Oakley snicked up through the lightning-fast gearbox, bringing us up to 150 in about the time it took you to read this paragraph. Assuming you are even reading this and not drooling over the 458’s slightly enhanced stance and shape. It is at around 150 mph that Oakley’s fully functional, wind-tested, carbon-fiber aerodynamic additions come into play. The front spoiler adds about 55 pounds of downforce while the rear spoiler/gurney adds 50.7 pounds. Combine this with the enhanced side skirts and the slightly longer rear diffuser and there is a combined 116.8-pound increase of downforce. Take into account the 116.8-pound weight savings and the power increase and it seems John Oakley has indeed improved upon Ferrari’s perfection.

The red sled barreled across the desert to 180, 190, then 200, then past 200. At that speed, no amount of aerodynamic manipulation could have kept us completely stable. Thus, pictures of our final top speed of 214 came out too blurry to publish. Although, come to think of it, it could have been my nerves. After the ceramic brakes brought us to a halt I asked Oakley, You know that’s straight-to-jail speed here, right?

I know, he replied, grinning.

Oakley said he found it funny how nervous I looked as we got up past 190--this coming from a guy who has done 235 mph on the autobahn. But that’s another story altogether. This one isn’t over. We got back to the starting point to collect our thoughts, and sure enough, a state patrol pulled up hollering about how he had heard that someone was out racing around at 130 mph. The Camaro we were shooting with had a cold engine, so they had him put his hand on the hood to prove we weren’t racing. Just then, another more aggressive member of Nevada law enforcement showed up and proceeded to give everyone a lecture. In other words, Oakley ended up with what they call, where he’s from, a good bollocking for snapping the speed limit in half and crapping all over it.

And I ended up in a slummy casino staring out across the dry lakebed, a location that has always been majestic, even spiritual with its awe inspiring setting and iridescent purple light. Now this place and the adjacent road took on a new meaning. I would probably never travel at that rate on land again. Maybe I should have a t-shirt made, my mind raced. I could have gone to jail today. Maybe I should have another beer and hole up in this dive. See how my luck turns out.

Naaah. If I can go 214 mph before 9 a.m. and get away with it, just imagine how good the rest of the day is going to be.

Oakley Design Ferrari 458 Italia

Longitudinal mid engine, rear-wheel drive

4.5-liter V8, dohc, 32-valve. Titanium cat-back exhaust, carbon-fiber airbox, enlarged air intakes, carbon-fiber engine covers, remapped ECU

Seven-speed automated manual

Wheels and Tires
HRE alloys, 9x20 (f), 11x20 (r) Michelin Pilot Sport, 235/35 (f), 295/35 (r)

Carbon-fiber front lip, side sills, rear spoiler/gurney, rear diffuser, roof, front bumper vents, mirror covers, lower engine cover, side sill kick plates

Peak Power: 644 hp
Peak Torque: 462 lb-ft
Top Speed: 214 mph

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