Manhart Racing M6XR Biturbo: SUV or Supercar?

It wasn’t the answer I was expecting. But when I asked about the 0-200 kph (124 mph) time of the Manhart Racing M6XR Biturbo Christian Erfurt simply pulled to the side of the road, waited for us to ready a stopwatch and said: Let’s find out!

This test is about as technically sound as Scientology. It’s wet, there are three of us in the car, we’re using an iPhone as the timing gear and we’re on a public road. But with all this going against us, just 14.6 seconds later we’re bursting through the 124-mph mark and we’ve proven just how good these big SUVs can be in the real world.

People will argue that is quicker than most have managed with a stock M3 in the dry, much faster, and I wouldn’t take these figures to court as this was far from a sterile testing environment. But on that day, in those conditions, that’s what the iPhone said, and that is freaking fast.

This is a 700hp BMW X6 M that just devours road and can do it time and again in any conditions we care to throw at it. We swap seats and within minutes I’m through 150 mph, one hand on the wheel, with a plume of spray splattering other cars as we blast past on a derestricted section of Autobahn just outside of Geilenkirchen. Just across the Dutch border, literally 20 minutes away, I’d be in prison, forever.

I plant the throttle and the eight-speed Auto box kicks down three whole ratios before the front end lifts up like a speedboat and fires down the road at an unreasonable speed. Although this big battle barge takes 4.7 seconds to breach 60 mph, it’s one of those cars that belongs at 140 mph+, its in-gear acceleration is frightening and its cruising gait is really in the high triple figures. As proof we offer up the number of mashed-up wasps in the radiators, that doesn’t happen at slow speeds.

It’s no supercar, there’s not enough feedback through the wheel or action in the cockpit for that, despite a suspension that has been dropped by 30 mm and lightweight AC Schnitzer 11x23 wheels wrapped in 315/25ZR-23 Continental ContiSportContacts. But it is a ridiculously fast bahnstorming express train, if you’re into that kind of thing, and apart from the matte wrap it’s pretty subtle.

Manhart doesn’t do major cosmetic work, yet, he’s just not big enough and he doesn’t seem the type to slap a lairy widebody kit on it. So apart from the 23-inch AC Schnitzer rims, the carbon-fiber mirror covers and the tiny lip spoilers on the front end, there is hardly anything else to mark it apart. That’s kind of refreshing.

Manhart Racing might not be the biggest name in tuningnot yetbut Gunther is a master and worked at BMW for many years in engine development. He knows what he is doing and this company will get bigger and better, in a hurry.

And there’s no denying this is a rocket for its size. This is long distance, first class travel, providing you can afford the fuel bill (we put 20 in for the test and had to stop 30 minutes later for more) and the fines that are an inevitable part of covering ground at 186 mph.

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