When we first saw the car it had black 20-inch RAD Dynamics rims. The next time we spotted him was at M-Fest last May and the look had changed dramatically for the better. A slight change in the graphic-and-paint scheme was accompanied by a set of Savini three-piece forged rims measuring a little smaller in the front along with a suspension drop in the same area. These wheels, measuring 10.5x19 fore and 11.5x20 aft, are wrapped with Nexen N3000 tires. Years back, a young entrepreneur came out with a wheel that had neon spokes primarily intended for the mini-truck market. Those flashy rims obviously disappeared with that hideous little fad. But Savini appears to have found a magic paint that has almost the same effect as neon. With their deep orange-copper hue, they seem to glow like four cylindrical spinning portals to Hades.

Such macabre metaphors don’t apply to the ride height. Kang and crew dropped the front to the dirt by lowering the KW coilovers over an inch to the ground as compared to its height at SEMA. These springs use an isolator box to prevent BMW’s Electronic Damper Control system from interfering while avoiding fault codes being thrown up.

Initially, Kang told me he had a supercharger ready but was waiting to break in the motor a little more before putting the supercharger on. Then at M-Fest he said that since his was an exhaust company, he didn’t want people thinking that the charger made the sweet sound that would really be coming from the Meisterschaft GTC (EVC) controlled exhaust system with an LX mid pipe that deletes the secondary cat. While the sonorous note from the pipes is nothing if not rapturous, like a dinosaur that just devoured a V8, we’d love to see GT Haus put their money where its mouth is with some forced induction.

Until then, we’ll just have to wonder what that wide stance could do with more power. But in the meantime, an E92 with M-power and a track 20 inches wider than stock is no stick in the mud.

The alms GT2-style kit is based on the Letterman/Rahal racecar that competed in the ALMS in 2008.

2009 BMW M3

Longitudinal front engine, rear-wheel drive

4.0-liter V8, dohc, 32-valve.
Meisterschaft GTC exhaust

Six-speed manual

KW coilovers

Wheels And Tires
Savini SV-34s, 10.5x19 (f), 11.5x20 (r)
Nexen N3000, 255/25 (f), 285/30 (r)

Flossman widebody kit: front and rear bumpers, front arches, rear quarter panels, side skirts, CSL-style carbon trunk lid, GT2-style vented hood, GT2-style wing

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