The Art of Speed

Brand loyalty takes years to build. Ask any premium goods manufacturer. But once you have happy customers, repeat business and word of mouth recommendations tend to come thick and fast.

Founded in 1999, SpeedArt is the youngest of the three Porsche tuners in the Leonberg suburb of Stuttgart, about half an hour from Porsche's Zuffenhausen HQ.

CEO Bjorn Striening used to work in the sales department of Gemballa before leaving to set up his own company. "The marketplace is simply too crowded for three companies in this area to be chasing the same clients," he explains. "So I set out to differentiate my products from TechArt and Gemballa by creating our own niche, and customer base."

"Gemballa and TechArt have a lot of very wealthy clients in the US, Middle East, and Russia who do not blink at doubling the price of their cars and more with elaborate modifications," Striening explains. "I decided from day one to concentrate on customers who want fairly simple and straightforward conversions with larger alloy wheels, body styling, and mechanical upgrades. Some clients even modify their cars in stages as they can afford it.

"We use high quality GRP rather than carbon fiber to keep our prices relatively modest, and this strategy has brought us many good clients who are wealthy, but not in the super-rich league." -IK

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