While Paul talks a good game, paid polite attention to the driver’s briefing and clocked several sensible sighting laps in the morning, his driving style didn’t reflect that ethos for long. It was as if somebody had lit a rocket under whatever car he was in, and he was off… with a squeal of tires and the soundtrack most Nascar fans would enjoy. And although nobody learns the Nordschleife in one day, Paul’s laps improved at an abnormally fast rate.

The Stasis trip was part of a Destination Nürburgring event. The company organizes closed two-day sessions and links both the historic North and modern South Loops into one, rarely driven opportunity.

Not only is the number of cars limited, but these events attract similar-minded people with well prepared cars. It creates a great atmosphere, with an open pit lane and as much track time as your car can handle.

“Forget everything I said earlier!” Paul laughed. “I was having way too much fun to take it easy. Both cars felt fantastic and although I’m still learning the track, we were able to stay with most cars out there, including some pretty serious race machinery. I’m totally delighted with how the entire session went.”

Day two presented the same perfect climate, and a goal to make any necessary adjustments to the cars. “It’s about the little improvements…” Paul explained. “Both our chassis and software technicians were looking for any tweaks we could make. I made some adjustments to the Bilsteins on the S5 and it made the car even easier to drive on the limit. We’ve compiled pages and pages of ECU data after each run and checked everything. These packages were signed off a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something new in a unique environment like the Nordschleife. If we improve the conversions from our time there, we’ll make sure it goes into the program.”

So with day two in the bag and the drive home yet to do, you would think these guys wouldn’t exactly be fighting to get behind the wheel. But no, even after a grueling stint on track, Paul drove himself back to the docks in France, having selected the more leisurely ‘Touring’ mode first, naturally.

Once back at the Revo/Stasis headquarters in Daventry, England, Paul was able to reflect on his achievement. “The Ring was everything I’d hoped for and more. It was an amazing trip both personally and professionally, even if I’m nowhere near learning those 73 corners properly. The cars performed exceptionally well and proved you can have a Jekyll and Hyde car.

“With Stasis now having a permanent base in Europe, I have the perfect excuse to hone my lap times further. It took me a long time to get there, but having sampled the Green Hell at its finest, you can bet we’ll be back sooner than later.”

Paul Lambert

Two days with Paul Lambert taught us the man can pedal. When you glance at his motorsport resume, you understand why.

In his driving career, Paul competed in Audi, BMW and Porsches, a Sports Racer and several formula cars. He still holds 12 track records, posted more than 20 pole positions and took more than 30 wins, culminating in four championships.

In professional competition, Paul gave Audi its first US touring car win at Laguna Seca in ’02, leading to multiple poles and track records.

Switching to team management, he ran a multi-car team that was the most successful in the ’06 and ’07 World Challenge series. But despite the hectic schedule, he managed to create Stasis in ’99 and build it to where it is today.

By Paul Cowland
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