If what happened in Vegas this past weekend of April 22nd to the 24th actually stayed in Vegas, then keeping it secret would be a shame. The annual gathering of BMW M fanatics for MFest, this year titled, "The Ultimatum," was bigger and badder than ever. Participants flew in from places as far as Brazil, the UK, Germany and France. On the caravan up, they broke their own record for consecutive BMWs with over 245 cars lined up. It was a veritable orgy of burnt rubber and cooked brakes as cars were flogged on Las Vegas Motor Speedway's drag strip and road course. And the show cars represented an ecclectic variety of tuning and modifications, with superchargers, turbos and engine swaps everywhere you turned.

If you missed it this year, visit www.mfestforum.com to find out when next year's event will be held.

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