I am a boxer guy. I'm not talking about my taste in engine configurations eventhough I do own a 911. I mean I am a cotton, wild print, elastic band boxer guy. I have no idea what organizer of car shows wear, but something tells me they must have some kind of super shorts, because if they were boxer guys like me they would be just as unhappy spending a day walking around a 100 degree black top parking lot as I am. This years Dubfest was a good show. Good turn-out of lots of nice European imports, good vendor support and even auto-crossing. The downside however, is that it was held at Irwindale Speedway Way, roughly 40 miles inland from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Dubfest has decided to do two shows a year now. One in May held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I told you these guys like hot weather, and this event held the first week of September in the paddock area outside the oval at Irwindale. The autocross was held on the infield of the oval and provided excitement for Euro enthusiasts who are into more than the show scene.

The vendor area was filled with tuners, stylists and parts suppliers from all around California and even as far away as Arizona. Everything from oil to big turbo kits could be found for all types of European cars. There was even a hookah lounge for the adults and laser tag for the kids. The tracks snack bar was selling beer, so the alcohol, tobacco and firearms triumvirate was complete.

The show area brought out some of the finest and heaviest European vehicles in California. Subwoofers, tv screens and oversized shiny wheels abound as function is thrown out the window in the name of style. Some of the vehicles were simply amazing. A MK1 Rabbit with Halibrand-look wheels and weathered graphics looked simply amazing. Some of the nicest MK2s I have seen in a while mad me regret selling mine yet again, and a couple of Corrados that made me head home and immediately search ebay. The Audi scene was well represented by aisles of well-prepared A4s and even an older gen A8 looked exceptionally clean, lowered on some big wheels with plenty of lip.

The autocross proved the most exciting for fans, especially with incidents of too many cars on the track at once. I have never seen a Ford GT or an Evo X hit anything by themselves. I almost got to see them hit each other on the track. Luckily, it didn't happen but the fact that it came close says something. Aside from that, most of the participants seemed to enjoy the racing. At our last glance a Porsche Boxster was holding fast time, with Mike Potter shaving tenths in second place in his MK1 Scirocco.

All and all a great day for Euro enthusiasts. Hopefully next year we will see some cooler weather. Maybe an event later in the year or at least closer to the coast can be put together. Hopefully we will see the same great cars and the same great people. If it does happen again in the heat, next years event may have to be attended full commando style and I may have to request a location with a pool in the center. The things we do for the love of cars.

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