Nothing is more subject to interpretation than the history of racing cars. Sure, it won this race but against what competition? Or the ever-popular giant-killer role: This car won against all odds and beat the high-dollar teams and manufacturers. Teams, race cars, drivers and events come and go. However, there is no doubt that among most sports car aficionados, only one company can stake the claim to having done it every which way possible: Porsche.

The faithful descended upon the motorsport mecca of Daytona in late April to take part in the second edition of the Porsche Rennsport Reunion. The history was evident, on display and living. It was one of the best and most complete gatherings of pure Porsche competition heritage ever assembled on one of the most historic racetracks in the world. And if it wasn't the cars, it was the reunion of the people most responsible for the success of these thoroughbreds that was the true highlight.

The factory provided us with luminaries such as Peter Falk, Hans Mezger, Valentin Schaffer, Herbert Linge and Norbert Singer. It invited drivers with names like Ickx, Bell, Joest, Gurney, Elford and Attwood. Names we remember from reading car magazines when we should have been doing homework. The Rennsport Reunion proved the lessons of history were well learned.

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