Yokohama introduced a new DOT-legal competition tire, the Advan A048. Available in January 2004 in 225/40-18, 265/35-18 and 285/30-18, it is intended to compete directly with other high-end entries in Porsche club racing events. The Advan A048 is a giant leap forward from Yokohama's existing DOT-legal competition tire, the A032. It offers more grip, longer life and less decay of performance with age and use. Construction draws on Yokohama's competition technologies as well, for improved transitions and maximum cornering and braking control.

Yokohama Tire Corp.
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Innovate Technology's LM-1 is a fully digital air/fuel ratio (AFR) meter with capabilities for the professional, but priced for the enthusiast. Its self-calibrating circuitry compensates for changes in temperature, altitude and sensor condition. The LM-1 can record up to 44 minutes of AFR data, 12 times per sec., in multiple sessions. Data can be quickly downloaded into a PC and analyzed in a spreadsheet. With an available auxiliary cable, five additional inputs can be logged. Most low-cost AFR meters use a narrow-band oxygen sensor and can indicate only whether the fueling is rich or lean. The standard LM-1 in-cludes a Bosch wide-band sensor and everything needed to begin using it. Many additional accessories are available.

Innovate! Technology Inc.
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Mechanix Wear introduced The Light Glove, featuring a battery-powered light mounted between the thumb and forefinger to illuminate tasks in poorly lit environments. It shuts off automatically after 7 min. of non-use to conserve battery life. The Light Glove will be available in fingerless and full-finger versions.

Mechanix Wear
(661) 257-0474

ProDiag(tm) by Shade Tree software allows VW and Audi owners or technicians to use their PalmOS(r) PDA as a VAG diagnostic tool. The affordably priced software kit allows users to check trouble codes, monitor the engine in real-time and make tuning adjustments. It offers many features found only in expensive factory tools, such as automated testing and data and fault code logging. The ProDiag system includes vehicle adapter, manual and software on CD-ROM.

Shade Tree Software
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