Garrett announced a new feature on its Web site that processes retail orders for turbo kits for vehicles ranging from 2.0L and 1.8T Volkswagens to the Huyabusa motorcycle.

Almost as exciting is that Garrett's GT28RS turbocharger is finally in production and available. It has come to be known as the Disco Potato, named for the psychedelically painted SEMA Show car it was developed for a few years ago. The GT28RS is a modern, dual-ball bearing turbocharger with the advanced GT wheel design, providing improved turbo efficiency, throttle response and overall performance versus other turbos. Most importantly, it's perfectly sized for a streetable, 1.8- to 2.2L engine, such as a big 1.8t. european car has witnessed a reliable 275 hp at the rear wheels on 91-octane gas with a GT28RS on a modern, 2.0L engine.

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Remus introduced a 100% stainless-steel exhaust for the Porsche Cayenne, offering fit, quality, performance, looks and sound. european car has procured a Remus exhaust for one of its project cars, so look for more on this respected Austrian company in these pages soon.

Remus Sportexhaust
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Aftermarket seats can be more comfortable, more supportive and lighter than stock seats, but, if installed improperly, they can also be dangerous. Recaro takes the guesswork out of seat selection and installation with seats TV-approved on a by-vehicle-by-seat basis, including bolt-in mounting adapters designed for those seats in that car. Recaro announced a new range of lightweight seats, including "sports extreme," sport and comfort. The "sports extreme" seat uses a Kevlar shell and weighs just 15kg, including hardware and vehicle adaptation. The sports seat has adjustable side bolsters for maximum holding or maximum comfort. The comfort seat targets top-level sedans, and includes heating and cooling in its many adjustable features. All are designed to work with integrated vehicle safety systems

Recaro North America
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PIAA, best known for its lighting equipment, has manufactured high-quality wheels for years. Its one-piece, forged X-1F Tanzo wheel was designed specifically for the Porsche Cayenne. The forging pro-cess results in an inherently round and balanced wheel. It reduces variations in aluminum composition and density for high strength and light weight. The 10x22 in. X-1F Tanzo weighs just 33 lb (15 kg). Other 22-in., one-piece wheels often weigh between 55 and 60 lb (25- to 30kg). The X-1F Tanzo also offers an exceptionally fine appearance, with a high luster and true surfaces; there is none of the imprecise waviness that afflicts many large, chromed wheels.

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