5th Place
Fabryce Kutyba/Hartmann Motorsport
The crew from Hartmann Motorsport almost missed this party. Two days before it began, their S4 basically blew up, leaving chief mechanic Casey Allinder with the brutal job of putting everything back together. He succeeded, doing an admirable job rebuilding this remarkable car. The Hartmann car relies on an APR Stage III turbo upgrade, which netted great power but was still 100 ponies south of the most powerful entry. Fabryce also had Casey install a set of motorsport cams, which, for lack of a better word, were quite randy. Barnes whined about the idle being "lumpy and stanky" when he was trapped in the dyno room with it. Those must be engineering terms.

Despite the choice in bump sticks, this S4 had a highly developed driveline featuring limited-slip differentials at both ends. It also sported gigantic Brembos fore and aft, which left Kevin Schrantz in awe. "These are some of the best brakes I've ever seen," said Kevin. "They seem to be fade-proof and get better the harder they are used. They are simply amazing." If used lightly, however, the Pagid orange pads squealed like little piggies. The suspension wasn't what one might expect from the owner of Intrax, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed by having more time to twiddle the damper adjusters.

The Hartmann S4 netted the second fastest time on the road course and, while its 1/4-mile was less than stellar, that's not what this car was about. It's what you'd expect from a company that campaigns cars in the GrandAm Cup Series.

2000 Audi S4
Engine Displacement
Internal Modifications
External Modifications
APR Stage 3 kit, downpipes and exhaust, HMS RS4+ kit, RS4 intercoolers
Engine Management Modifications
APR software, Audi Sport fuel rail and injectors
Drivetrain Modifications
UUC shifter, HMS clutch and flywheel
Front: Intrax coilovers, Intrax Cup anti-roll bars
Rear: Intrax coilovers, Intrax Cup anti-roll bars
Front: Brembo GT kit w/14-in. rotors, F50 calipers, Castrol racing fluid
Rear: Brembo GT kit w/13-in. rotors, Lotus calipers, Castrol racing fluid
18x8-in. BBS CH
225/40-18 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup

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