4th Place
AWE Tuning
Todd Sager, of AWE Tuning, has become something of "The Godfather of S4 Tuning." His Silver Bullet is legend among legions of Audi fans, a reputation earned with solid engineering, Kenny McNeil's brilliant fabrication, and blistering performance. It is quite possibly the world's quickest S4 and has the time slips to back it up. Plus, Todd's a good guy and helps Bidrawn with his VR6 Corrado problems.

Sager and crew get the never-say-die award in this event, overcoming several catastrophes and yet still going on to place with an impressive performance.

Two weeks before the S4 Challenge, the hood blew off the Silver Bullet during high-speed testing, severely damaging the windshield and roof. "It'll be there, but it won't be pretty," said Sager. AWE and crew transported the car via big rig from the east coast, traveling the longest distance of all. They get an award for that, too.

As expected, Silver Bullet did an incredible dyno dance, pulling a thundering 429 hp and garnering the most torque points. It went on to smash the 1/4-mile with a game-winning 12.39, almost 2/10ths faster than the closest competitor. It also demonstrated impressive stopping power, going from 80 mph to dead standstill in 221 ft, the second best number. At this point, the Silver Bullet was almost assured a top seated placement. Tragedy struck during the road course practice session, when an oil return line came off a turbo, dousing a glowing manifold with combustible hydrocarbons. Thanks to the quick thinking of pro driver Chad Block, the car was limped from the furthest point of the track (nearly a mile away) to a spot just a few yards from the fire crew. A few gallons of foam prevented the car from becoming fully engulfed in flame. AWE immediately began rebuilding the car while it was still hot, in an effort to compete in the "Ultimate Street Car Challenge" hosted by sister publication Sport Compact Car. With help from ABD Racing, they patched up the Silver Bullet and made the competition. Are these guys studs or what?

In addition to its highly developed power plant, the Silver Bullet has been shod with SGI bumpers and a CCP carbon-fiber hood. The serious interior includes Recaro Sport Seats and M&R harnesses, and a full complement of Omori gauges, a few mounted artfully in the vents. AWE's sportsmanship and enthusiasm sets a standard for tuners everywhere.

2000 Audi S4
Engine Displacement
Internal Modifications
External Modifications
K04/16 turbos relocated above heads, headers, AWE/McNeil downpipes and exhaust, liquid/air converted intercoolers
Engine Management Modifications
Larger injectors, GIAC software
Drivetrain Modifications
AWE clutch and light flywheel
Front: H&R coilovers
Rear: H&R coilovers, Neuspeed 28mm anti-roll bar
Front: Stasis 332mm rotors, Audi S8 calipers, Goodridge lines, Porterfield R4 pads, AP551 fluid
Rear: Stasis 298mm front rotors, Goodridge lines, Porterfield R4 pads, AP551 fluid
18x8.5-in. HRE 446 R
245/35-18 Hoosier

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